Thursday, 2 June 2016

What would be your incentive to start and continue this weight loss journey?

Everyone has a different reason for wanting to lose weight. These are a number of them:
  • To fit that fabulous wedding dress/tuxedo
  • To fit in clothes that are fashionable and not on the Plus rack
  • To fit smaller, nicer shoes (yes you do lose shoe sizes as you lose weight)
  • Because you have had a joint replacement done (hip or knee)
  • To lessen the risk of injury from a fall
  • Because you are nowhere near the societal norm and you are tired of being harassed about it
  • You look in the mirror and cringe (or avoid looking in mirrors altogether)
  • You have a young child (or children) that can outrun you - risky at times
  • You want to fall pregnant
  • Your cholesterol and other lab results are scaring your doctor and you
  • Your blood pressure is too high and is causing kidney and heart problems
  • You are diabetic (type 2) or pre-diabetic
  • No-one of the opposite sex is interested in you and you want to change that
  • You take stock of where you are in life and want change,weight loss may be a starting place
There are so many reasons why you start this journey. Often there are so many reasons why you don't continue or if you ease up too much the weight may come back on. Even with weight loss surgery weight can be regained. That is where I got to. I gained back weight when I was not doing much exercise other than long steady walks. It probably would have helped if I had kept my food under better control and ate right. I didn't. I gained. Inches came back on my measurements. I got a good deal on a gym membership through a friend telling me about it. I went and signed up that day. The least I have done is 2 days in a week. the most days was 5 days in a week. This week I am aiming for 7 days out of 7. 3 down so far. This is some pictures of my journey.
137 kgs approximately I am standing at the back

60th birthday closer to 110kgs

Back up to 107 kgs from 99.2kgs but heading down from there now

In a size 18, previously up to size 26-28

I am not small yet and will never be tiny but I aim to fit size 14 clothes, at least, by the time I lose the weight I would like to. Wearing nicer clothes is part of it but it is not the major part. I feel happier and healthier as I go down in weight. I move more freely and there is a vast reduction in joint pain (sometimes there is none). I don't get verbally hassled by passing idiots in cars. Hey, I am out there walking, you are not. I have gone down a shoe size from a size 11 to 10 so back in the normal range. Don't always have to get a man shoe.When my grandchildren came to visit over Christmas I could walk with them freely and for as long as they wanted. No more having to know where all the seats were to sit and rest on.

What is your incentive?

Think about what your incentive to change would be. Make a vision board for your wall or computer screen that you look at daily as a reminder. Put down the smaller steps to reach that goal and put a time frame to help you reach it sooner. Research if you need to find out what steps you may need to follow. Ask people as well; friends, doctors, nutritionists, exercise specialists, anyone you think will help you reach your goal. It could be a surgeon. They will help you get the initial weight loss start but it is still up to you to keep going. Being lighter in weight will make it easier for you to do the on-going exercise needed for long term weight maintenance. Whatever works for you is what you use. Others will tell you what they did but one size does not fit you all. Explore and engage your mind, body and soul in making your life better. You are worth it and let no-one tell you otherwise. You are unique. The world needs unique people to shake it up. Let me know how you did.

Me, I lost 2 inches on my hips and thighs in 7 days. I hope by next week it will be even more. Good luck and good management to everyone.