Monday, 15 August 2016

Winter Blues

The winter doldrums hit me recently. Low sun levels, a lot of rain and quite chilly weather meant I got a little lackadaisical about my eating and exercising. This means I gained some weight back but I catch myself quicker nowadays. I know most people would not consider the temperature we have in Auckland as very low but they are enough to make you think twice about going for a walk or getting up for the gym. Sometimes that good book you can read in a warm bed calls too loudly. I have just read Blood Bound which I thoroughly enjoyed. I like my paranormal books. Who am I kidding? I love most books and genres. I spend time each day reading and consider it time well spent. Nowadays I also spend time (most days) on some form of exercise. I walk for at least 1 hour+ or go to the gym for 90 minutes. I am feeling much better for it. It doesn't always keep my weight less because I forget to note what I am eating and nibble too much. If I use MFP then I am accountable and eat less leading to weight loss.

Creative things I did last week;
  1. Knitted 2 baby jumpers for an up-coming great-nephew due sometime this month
  2. Wrote some more of my MG book
  3. Sorted out MindMaps I do for my writing group so that I can write a book about that
  4. That tidied up my files which meant my full book cases look more organised as well
  5. Had my writing group which went well
I do find when I am being creative I eat less as I am not bored. With my hands and mind involved I don't think about what I can eat now. I have learnt to have a water bottle and glass nearby then so I do get my water amount up to the level it should be. With LGS you don't feel that thirsty. You really just need to keep sipping frequently. I read somewhere that you needed to drink 168 mls every hour to be sure. As you aren't supposed to drink 30 minutes each side of food then this is probably right. It is something I am really only getting fully on track with now and it takes a conscious effort to do so. 

At the gym I get the first 2-3 glasses in before I have breakfast. I find that I can't exercise after food with any efficiency so I usually get up, have my few meds with the 1st glass of water and head off to the gym. I find that first thing is best for me because the times I say (to myself) "I'll go later today", I never do.

My idea of Heaven - books and a place to write

The place that helps me regain muscles and health
I reward myself with the first idea of Heaven after I have been to the Healthy place. Yes, I can say the word GYM even if once upon a time it was almost a swear word. I have grown to like the fact that my muscles are stronger. They may still have fat overlaying them but it ge3ts less as time goes on and the muscles are getting larger. I am a woman so I do a lower weight but more repetitions. I don't want to be muscle bound but I do want to be strong. It helps to make the loose skin not quite so obvious too.

Your belief in yourself will get you to the gym regularly

I checked out my biceps this morning accidentally and was quite impressed with myself. I have improved in other ways. The weight amount has gone up a kilo. The time it takes me to cycle 10 kms has gone down low enough that I have taken the intensity to the next level and that is not too difficult so I may take it up one more level. There are abs behind the flab if you poke. There are people there who I just stare at in wonder at their endurance but there are others just starting that I am better than. We are all there for ourselves and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. You have to be doing it for you or you don't get yourself there regularly.

I train to improve MY PERSONAL BESTS
This week's intentions or goals:
  1. Gym 4 times at least, maybe more
  2. Lose 2 kgs
  3. Walk 3+ times for longer than 1 hour
  4. Write more of my MG book
  5. Eat healthily
  6. Sort another blog on the process around Weight loss surgery that helps others learn more about it by Sunday
So what are you training for? Where do you train? How healthy are you becoming? Is some-one giving you positive feedback? Ignore the idiot that is dissing you, they know no better. If you are out there, or in the gym, exercising you are ahead of the game. You may live to a good healthy age and that is all you can ask for, eh?