Monday, 24 February 2014

103.6kgs on 23rd February 2014 - waistline under 100cms.

I may not have lost much weight lately but the measurements are changing. For the first time in many years my waistline is under 100cms, 99.8cms to be exact. It is a new milestone. I must find up my old diet and exercise diary to measure and compare with what I have been previously. I think it will be quite interesting to see the changes happening. I printed out a picture taken in November 2013 and one taken today in the same dress. My neck area is much more defined and my arms look a bit smaller. the dress hangs straight over my hips and gapes more under the arms. The only need for a brooch at the front is decoration now instead of being essential to stop my bra showing. The hemline is longer too as it does not have to stretch over the hips as much.

I attended a wedding of two gay friends on Friday. It had a theme of the Roaring '20's and almost everyone came in something that took notice of that theme. Even the guys played along. In fact it was a guy that won the cup for Best Costume with his whites, striped jacket and punting straw hat. They had fake gambling tables and I played my first games of Blackjack. If you won the most chips in your group of people your name went into a carton for a draw at the end of the evening for a prize ( a cup and a scale model Ferrari). I also got picked for the playoff but lost all my chips in the 3 games of Roulette that was the decider. A guy who had been last after the second game won it in the end. It was fun as people took on personas and enjoyed themselves. The 2 ladies involved are lovely ladies that have had a horrible couple of years recently and I hope this is the start of many years of love and joy. I chuckled when entering the area for their wedding as the Lounge was named the Delightful Ladies Lounge at our local Trots Track.
Food wise at the wedding I had 2 small slider Turkey mince burgers, NO CHIPS, and a selection of the fruit and cheese as dessert so it did not make my weight go up.

I am getting over my sore rib area from the fall I had a few weeks ago while out walking. I am slowly increase weights, reps and types of exercise I can do in the gym. I have not done many long walks around the area since but still do walks over and around the shopping area across the road. I have started using the exercycle, instead of the treadmill,l as I can do longer distances on it in the 20 minutes they let you use one piece of equipment. As I said earlier the weight is dropping slowly but the measurements are shrinking.