Sunday, 16 February 2014

103.9kgs (228.58lbs) 0n 16th February 2014

Weight loss is slowing so I think I need to look at what I am eating and how often. I think it is the how often that may be tripping me up. I have decided to do more walking. I now go to the gym on alternate days and for a long walk on the days in between. On Tuesday, my second day of walking, I tripped over a slight rise in concrete for the rise of a driveway and hit the ground hard.

A visit to the doctor ensued as it became sorer as the day went on and I was a bit short of breath. It took me twice as long to walk to the doctor than it usually did. She sent me off for an X-ray as could not discount a fractured rib because of my signs and symptoms. That thankfully came back negative. I do have a good bruise over the area that remains very sore. I have Panadol and codeine morning and night and Panadol in the mid afternoon. This means I can breathe more deeply (to prevent pneumonia) and move more freely than I would be able to otherwise.

I have had to change some of the exercises I do in the gym - less weight, more repetitions - and some I just have to leave until I have healed. My change of mindset over the last few months has been from giving up entirely on exercise as I would have done previously to adapting my form of exercise and continuing on as I am doing now. This is a major mindset change for me. The amount of weight I have lost so far is similar to a bag of cement. Pick one of those up and think about doing everything every day carrying that. No wonder I feel freer and more energetic than I used to.

Life wise I have attended my nephew's wedding at the end of January and next Friday I attend the wedding of two friends. They are a gay couple and now that marriage is legal in NZ they are tying the knot. Come to NZ and get a legal marriage done in the most beautiful country on Earth (as all New Zealanders say it is). They  have had their trials and tribulations but have triumphed over them and I am looking forward to a fabulous evening. It has a Roaring Twenties theme so I shall be taking my camera. Photos next week of that
31/1/14 size 18 dress woohoo

front view 8/2/14

side view

8/2/14 104.5kgs

16/2/14 side view at gym

side view b

16/2/14 103.9kgs

the wedding party

Rotorua from Te Manu Lodge
The wedding was at Te Manu Lodge which is up in the hills overlooking the Adventure city of NZ and gave lovely background to everyone's photos during the ceremony. The dinner was in a marquee and the wedding was themed silver, cream and yellow (or gold). Lights sprinkled on wall behind the happy couple and along the roof where the dancing was held under. Lovely nibbles and drinks while waiting for the photos being done. A lovely roast meal including salads. Small amounts for me but that was all I needed. I swam daily in a thermally heated pool at the motel where we were staying.
Heated pool at motel