Wednesday, 12 March 2014

102kgs (224.4lbs) on the 12th March 2014

I inch closer and closer to that double number in the kilos. SOON. I was last there in the 1990's - early 1990's - so am looking forward to that. I have had one perk up though. One of our local shops was selling last year's nightwear for $10 and I was about to buy the size 18's without checking. I pulled myself up and put it against my body. It went over my midline by an inch (2.5cms) on either side . Size 16 accompanied me home (YAY). I did not expect that to happen for a little while longer. They are comfortable to wear too. It has got cool at night a little earlier this year so I was pleased to have them. It will mean a lot more clothes to take out of my drawers and wardrobes when I do the summer-winter changeover of my clothing.

I did make it to double numbers in my waist measurements - 99 cms (39.6 inches)- which still leaves 25 cms to go on that measurement. It was 135 cms (54 inches) at the start of this journey (May 1013)so that is 36 cms (14.4 inches) gone. Below is the changes that have occurred in my measurements and a chart for a more visual representation.

Measurement changes from 2007 - 2014
11/06/2007 12/03/2014
Weight kgs 127 102
BMI 43.8 35.3
Chest (inches) 55 49
Waist (inches)44.5 44.5 39
Hips (inches) 56 49
Neck (inches) 15.5 13.75
Shoulder (inches) 45.5 43
Rt upper arm 16.5 13
Lt upper arm 16.5 13
Rt lower arm  11 10
Lt upper arm 11 10
Rt thigh 29 23
Lt thigh 28.5 23
Rt calf 18.5 16.75
Lt calf 18 16.75
Dress size 26 16

2007 -2014 measurement changes

I find that my intensity in doing my work at the gym is improving as I get fitter and smaller. I managed 9kms in 20 minutes on the exercycle yesterday and originally it took me 22 minutes to do 8kms. My thighs let me know that they are working harder than they are used to doing. I accomplished it with some interval work. I like how my body is starting to feel as well. Yes, my upper arms still have a wattle, it is getting smaller. I have regained having a waist. I am no longer apple shaped. They say being apple shaped makes your possibility of having a heart attack go up so if I have gone back to being hourglass shape I may have lessened that risk. I am lessening my risk for stroke and diabetes too if doctors are correct. Now I just have to re-learn where my body actually is in physical space. I have got a few extra bruises from not realising where my body is and knocking myself against doors and their handles.

I saw my surgeon yesterday. She was happy with my progress so far. She suggested getting a little more protein in my diet by using, protein powders, shakes or bars. It is better for your body if this is kept within the normal range to lessen any risk to your body. Water wise I am closer to getting at least 1500mls in each day. I do find that I suddenly realise it has been quite a while since my last drink if I am involved in activities or a good book so I am trying to remember to reach my hand out for the glass near me. She suggested I use MyFitnessPal to keep an eye on my food intake to make sure it is balanced. I think you can also put in the exercise you do as well. I will check it out this week and get back to you as to how I liked it.