Saturday, 15 March 2014

101.6kgs ( 223.52lbs) on 15th March 2014

It is stormy weather outside today as Auckland is being sideswiped by Cyclone Lusi. I decided to chart my progress in Excel today and do a chart from it. Looking at it has shown me that I have lost weight but probably not as fast as I could have compared to others. Once again I must assess what I am doing each day.

I am getting to the gym 5 days a week at least now and having a walk most days as well. I am working about an hour ten with more intensity. I am going to get organised on MyFitnessPal today and be more conscious of what I am putting into my mouth. as they say "You graze all day, you weigh all day". I think I have grazed a little more than I should. I will drink more as that is something I do need to improve on. I need a bit more protein in my diet, Protein also makes you feel more sated so it does a twofer. My hair will probably thank me when I do as it is thinning at the moment. It has got its lustre back though. It looked a bit like an ill cat for a while after the operation as there was a major diet change happening.

I just checked how long I have left till the first year anniversary of the LGS op and there is approximately 16 weeks so I need to up my game as the first year is when the highest weight loss occurs. I feel so much better already that I want to do the best I can. My goals for March:
  • Reach 99kgs or less by April
  • Gym 5+ days a week
  • Try to get weight loss up to 2kgs per week
  • Eat properly with none of the no-no's passing my lips
  • Up protein intake
  • Make 1500mls+ of water every day
Weight loss and waist measurement chart