Wednesday, 4 June 2014

99 kgs on the 3rd June 2014 (98 on Mum's Scales)

I like Mum's scales as they make me lighter but mine are probably the more accurate as they are digital ones. Nothing bets waking up , going to the bathroom, stripping off and checking your weight before eating and drinking anything. as I do the same thing daily it is an accurate measurement of my weight loss. My surgeon laughs and writes the amount I tell her down as she knows where I am coming from. I still have at least 60+pound left to go on this weight loss journey but I am on the downhill slide as I have lost 93 pound already. Food wise still eating protein first, vegetables or fruit second and carbohydrates third.

I am at the gym 5-6 days each week. One day is more cardio orientated, the other more weight training orientated but I do both types each day. Me a gym bunny - improbable - but it has happened. I miss it on days I don't go but sometimes the body has to recuperate from what you have done. I will probably still have some wobbly bits that a surgeon would have to remove but those wobbly bits are much smaller and there are muscles underneath that are much more defined now. as a woman I do lower weights but a lot more repetitions. The aim is to shape the body not bulk the body. I got up to 5km/hr on the treadmill which is much better than the 3.5km/hr I could do last year around this time. Cycling I am consistently doing 9kms in 20 minutes on a program that has different intensity throughout.

A friend told me the other day that I am seldom without a smile on my face now and that is different from what I was like before I had my op. I must have been depressed about my size and refused to acknowledge it even to myself. I love buying new clothes in smaller and smaller sizes. The only thing is I love what I get then after a couple of months it becomes too large. It shows that I am still losing weight but I miss my lovely new styles - need to go out and buy more. It is positive reinforcement though.

I am becoming more confident again. Last year I joined a writer's group run by a published writer, this year I am starting a week day writing group with a librarian who is interested in promoting local writing and myself as the original organizers. The Auckland Library Service likes to have books from local writers on their shelves. An ultimate aim for this writers' group would be to put our writing work together into a book and publish it. The first aim is to write regularly and get some constructive criticism to improve it to a publishable standard. The second aim is to gather people with a common interest and meet on a regular basis and widen the circle of people we all will know. Changed to Google Chrome and suddenly I can get photos back on my blog, YAY.
Mother's day 11 May 2014

Late April 2014

Same dress as at the top 31st January 2014 for my nephew's wedding

Late May, looking and feeling skinnier