Sunday, 4 May 2014

100kgs on 4 May 2014 ( May the 4th be with you.)

The last month has been up and down weight wise. Just before Easter my weight was 97kgs on my brother's scales (love those scales) but of course there are chocolate Easter eggs to be had over Easter. My weight went back to 100kgs and it is still floating around there. While I was at my brother's place I went for hour + walks each day as there wasn't a gym there. I also did some weeding of his garden most days and his house was larger so used a bit more energy on the housework.

I enjoyed the walks around his area. the people you met all said hello except one woman runner who was having enough trouble keeping breathing and couldn't spare enough for an hello. One lady had a lovely Husky dog on his leash enjoying his walk. I love the look of Husky dogs with their blue eyes and quizzical looks from the dark bit over their eyes. The area was not as litter-laden as when I walk around my area. We are near a large shopping area with multiple fast food outlets and people seem to think that applies to getting rid of their garbage ( out the car window mostly I think).

I was looking at the new coloured jeans in the shops recently. I liked the look of them but the cost was still a little high for the length of time I might have in them before they got too big. Well the Universe decided to help. My niece came over with 3 pair she no longer fitted and another friend came around with a black rubbish bag full from a friend of hers. I think I am now up to 12 pair so I thanked the Universe and said I don't need any more now, divert them to some-one else. I swear I heard a chuckle. I even have 5 pair to lose weight and get into.

I have a busy birthday week coming up. My brother's birthday is on the 7th, my mother's on the 8th, my father (deceased) used to be on the 9th. There is Mother's day on Sunday as well. I have brought 3 books for my brother and on Payday will get my mother her favourite perfume (Anais Anais). I am still not sure about her Mother's day present but the local gift shop has some lovely things so I am sure she will be happy. My own children don't always think ok sending me something but occasionally the surprise me. Of course I could send something to my youngest daughter as she is the mother of 2 and a bit children and one step-daughter. Make her laugh.

I have so many craft things I want to do. I am using Feather wool to knit strips that I will put together for a light warm over blanket. I am knitting baby clothes for my daughter. I want to do a scrap book for her with some memories o her life as she can't remember a lot o the things my mother and I do. I like to do some knitting for charity each year as I don't have a lot of disposable income to give to charity. My friend has sent me 3 lovely needlepoint tapestries to do. Some she has started but no longer likes and others were gifts but she doesn't really like the subjects. I love the three of them. I also have some canvases that I want to use for paintings. They will get done. I also want to learn and try to get some writing publish. The BNZ (a bank) has Literary Awards that they sponsor in May and June. They have 4 categories and I try for 2 of them. One is Short, Short Stories 100-150 words and the other is for Novice writers 1000-3000 words. I enjoyed it last year so am trying again this year. I have put in my first short, short story and will finish typing my first entry for the novice competition and send it off today. You can put in multiple entries of different stories. They get judged individually. a bit of fun.
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