Monday, 14 July 2014

14th July 2014 Going back down 99,7 kgs (219.34 lbs)

I have had an operation on my wrist for OOS last Friday so have not been to the gym. It has a few good points beyond having a more comfortable wrist when it is healed; it is difficult to get some food one handed so I am eating better and less again, also regular panadol means I am drinking more which is also good for my body. I was often forgetting to drink enough so am now getting back into that habit again. I had a bad habit of not drinking enough earlier in the day (it goes back to when I was doing morning shifts as a nurse) and that has a flow on effect down the other end of the body. Much better now.

They usually do both wrists at the same time but as Mum's carer I refused that. As it is she has to do some of the things I can't do. I take them to her mostly: vegetables that I can't prepare, pillows that need covers on, washing to fold etc. She helps me wrap my hand in a plastic bag and tapes it so I can shower and does my bra up for me. Together we are muddling through. My eldest younger brother came over the day of the op and looked after Mum. He cooked a lovely beef roast for tea and cut my food up for me. My middle younger brother took me to and from the hospital. Family there when you need them, brilliant.

I think the weight loss has come from the difficulty in getting the food so I am eating less (e.g. not nibbling) and also with only using one hand you have to do more walking to put things away etc. I want to be back to the gym on Wednesday on the treadmill and/or Exercycle at least, maybe some ball squats and abdominal exercises too. The weather has finally improved a little; no gale force winds and only the occasional shower instead of torrential rain. We did wake up to the thickest fog for many years though. I have done a lot of reading over the weekend so might go for a walk to the library today to get some extra exercise in. That is something I can do if the gym doesn't work for me; long regular walks around our area.

Here are some good reasons to get fit and reduce your size if you are too big. These are all things I find are coming back into my life. I had the first weekday writer's group last week and there were 12 of us altogether which is a good size for a group that wants to write and grow by being critiqued by others also hoping to write better. We all come to the group with different skills so it can hopefully be a growth experience. I would love it if we all get published at some stage. I am learning a lot already as I do preparation for each group session so that can only be helpful. We are going to try fortnightly at first and see how that goes. Building my confidence with the lessening of my weight has helped immensely.