Sunday, 14 September 2014

I'm Back 100.9 kgs and going back to the gym 13/09/14

I did not realize how long it had been since my last post. I had an operation on my right hand for RSI and I have been caught up in that and other things. I am going to get back to writing at least once a week again. My hand has settled and I am awaiting the operation on the second one but that isn't so advanced so I am not worried if it takes another few months before it gets done. I still have to massage over the scar with hand cream regularly to help lessen internal scarring and keep it moving freely, also have to tap it to help in that release.
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It did slow me down in going to the gym as a lot of the work I did there involved weights. Even if I used the treadmill or cycle it involved having your hand on the handles etc. I did go but only occasionally. What I did do was try to go for a decent walk most days. I have yo-yoed between 99 -101 kgs recently. I have eaten more. I decided in the end that I was stressed, as all the doctors keep telling you, and I was stress eating. I decided on distraction as a way of not eating in the afternoon which is my worst time. I also need to add more protein at lunch time I think. I am eating too many carbs and it is not satisfying me for any length of time.

My distraction is threefold: 1. crocheting a blanket for me out of all the fluffy wool I have in my stash that will be light and warm for next winter, 2. writing a novel or 2 ( one middle grade age group and the other one I'd like to submit to Ellora's Cave) 3. preparing for the 2 writer's groups I am involved in. I go to a Saturday writer's group that I have been part of for a year and a half. Our next project is to have a novel, or some other writing task we want to do, outlined and organized to go for Nanowrimo in November. That is next weekend so I will spend some time over this coming week organizing for that. I want to complete my goal of writing 50,000+ words this time during Nanowrimo. I feel less guilty about going into my room now for an hour or two in the afternoon and leaving mum in the sitting room. If I go to the gym around 7 am in the morning I will have 60-90 minutes when I get back before I wake mum up at her usual time so will have extra writing time then also.

Our local librarian, who likes to encourage community use of the library facilities, asked if I could start a weekday writers group as well and that has been going for a few months now. We try to discuss an aspect of writing each fortnight and also critique a sample of each other's work. Even now there has been improvement showing. I use iMindMap 7 to do a mindmap of the topic which I hand out. It gives a visual and written summary of the topic. It can be written on too if they want. We discussed plot arcs this week and their use in keeping the story interesting. I learn as I prepare and we try to put into practice in our writing that fortnight what we have learnt. I hope it continues for a long time.

I have more confidence now I am not as large which is funny because I thought I was always confident. Maybe the negative comments I got from random strange people every so often had zapped my confidence. Why people think they have a right to make those nasty comments I don't know. What used to annoy me was the people making them had their own problems that I didn't call them on.

I will also be doing more exercise in the house as I like to do a good spring clean before Xmas and summer so I have started on the sorting out and tossing of old things I no longer need or use. I also wash the walls,floors and ceilings, wash the outside walls and windows, get the garden up to scratch, look through paperwork; sort, tidy, file or dispose of it. I check what Xmas presents I have already brought and see what else I need to get. I start making some Xmas presents to as I like to give a few hand made projects each year to some-one I love. The house cleaning is exercise and the crafting is distraction so I end up losing more weight,Yay.