Thursday, 19 February 2015

Time I got back into the weight loss mindset - 102.1kgs 18 February 2015


I am a bit heavier than my last post so, yes, you can gain weight after having weight loss surgery. You eat things that you shouldn't and you nibble. When I talked to my GP about it his response was; for me to eat until I actually was sick as I might start to realize I was eating too much then.He might have a point there as being sick is something I really detest. I hold my nose as I am sick because I hate some ending up in there. I haven't been able to make myself do that. I need to take the Garcinia supplement more regularly as I don't feel like eating as often when I do take it. I also need to eat more protein as I think my body is saying that I need more and that is why I want to nibble. Time to try new food and adjust my diet for more protein, less carbs. My body seems to work best with that ratio.

I am getting back to the gym. I was pleased when I went the other day that I could do almost as well as I was before my hand operation. The regular walking seems to have helped keep my muscle tone. I was a bit achy as I gave myself a good run through but it was a lot less painful than it was when I first started. Half the reason I haven't been going is I am staying awake too late at night reading or writing (this blog and some creative writing that I would love to see in print one day). I may need to suck it up for a couple of days and just be tired until my body gets used to waking earlier and going to sleep earlier. My writing will have to be done either before or just after the gym or later in the day. Saying that this is being done at 11.34 pm at night so not keeping to my ideal tonight.


Mentally I still need to be able to limit my comfort or stress eating. I find if I am accomplishing something that the desire to eat lessens. Positive reinforcements and acknowledgements of how far I have come do help. For others to notice and make positive remarks helps but the person who needs to be mentally in agreement with my body is me. I need to want this weight loss. I need to know I am the same person, large or small, and that I am the best me I can be at this time. The size difference in clothes I used to wear and clothes I can now wear is a way I reinforce to myself how far I have come. I used to wear a NZ size 24-26 and now, depending on the brand, I am wearing size 16-18 (jeans still size 20 but that shop cuts slimmer). I got a buzz the other day when I could walk into "Shanton" and buy clothes that I now fit.  A year ago I didn't even bother going in because they were all too small for me.


I have a friend who has fought breast cancer twice and recently she put a YouTube post for a scarf that forms the ribbon shape as part of the pattern. You can see the video and follow the link to a free pattern or two at .I have done a scarf for her and one for her wife so I hope they get joy from them. I love the fact that some-one was willing to put the pattern on the web for free. This same pattern with the appropriate colour change could be used to all the charities that use ribbons in their fund raising efforts.

I crocheted a mohair rug for my mother as she was so rapt in the ones I did for Hospice. She liked the lightness and warmth that even in summer was useful. Her duvet was becoming too hot to use in these summer nights but this rug was just enough to keep her comfortable and light enough to throw off if she got too warm. My mother ended up in hospital recently with heart and kidney problems and when it became obvious she would be in for more that a day or two we took her rug in to her. She finds the air conditioning in hospital too cold for her so she was delighted to have it to use. She was the envy of the other 3 ladies in her room. Yes, she is home and feeling better now.


 My newest grandson. I am hoping to go and visit soon so must get the money out and put it into my daughter's Visa A/c so she can go online and book the flight for me. I don't want him to be walking before I see him. We sent a parcel off the other day with a lot of little things we had picked up for him and the other family members. Fun to do but a bit expensive on a regular basis. It is one way of them knowing we are thinking of them. I would phone regularly but like most younger people today they only have a mobile phone and that makes it very expensive to do more often.

Goals for this month

  • Use the gym 4-6 times weekly
  • Lose 2 kilos
  • Go to sleep earlier and wake up relaxed after 7-8 hours sleep
  • Write daily
  • Do crafts daily
  • Read daily
  • Get a few more swims in before the water gets too cool in our pool on site