Monday, 8 December 2014

Back to losing weight finally. 99.8 kgs instead of 101.9 kgs (219.56 lb not 223.52 lb) 8/12/14

For so long I have stayed near 101- 102 kgs that I thought that was the end of my weight loss journey but recently I have been heading down again and I am so happy about that.

Possible factors for the weight loss

  • Longer days with more sunlight lessens the desire for Carbohydrates and comfort foods.
  • Walking as a form of exercise for an hour a day.
  • Finding something that gives me joy to do
  • Eating more salads and coleslaw, less puddings
  • Trialing the herbal extract Garcinia to see if it lessens my desire to eat (YES)
  • Distracting myself with things I enjoy (writing, crochet, reading)
  • Being busy doing things to get ready for Xmas (wrapping and sending parcels - a walk to do that), putting up Xmas tree and lights, baking)
  • Washing walls and ceilings throughout the apartment (next; scrub carpets)
  • Engrossing books to read that so involve you in the story that external things disappear

These are some of the things that brought me joy recently:
  1. Finishing a fourth knee rug for Hospice -  made out of mohair so it is soft, light and warm. This one was larger so that a man with longer legs or wider body could use it and in darker colours so it wasn't too girly.
  2. Growing beautiful scented flowers, and nice vegetables to pick and eat from the containers on our front patio (purple flower is heliotrope, with a beautiful vanilla scent).
  3. Having unexpected visitors from overseas that you loved catching up with.
  4. Muscle cars, muscle cars for you to see at the carols in the square.
  5. Singing along with the singers at Carols in the Square last Thursday
My Goals for December:
  1. Lose 3 kilos
  2. Eat a beautiful and healthy Xmas dinner
  3. Enjoy my family over the holiday season
  4. Enjoy having my eldest daughter back with us from the 12th December
  5. Talking to my younger daughter as she gets to grips with her 3rd child born recently, as the others are so much older
  6. Be thankful for my family and friends
  7. Edit my Nanowrimo words into something much better, print and bind it for my daughter and her family.