Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Encouragement for your journey of weight loss

I have been writing about my journey of weight loss but it has been me, me, me. I also want to be a part of your weight loss journey by talking about the total day by day journey. We all have different reasons why we gained weight so we have to work individually to overcome them. Saying that, there are common threads running through our lives and maybe we can talk about that together. We have started our weight loss journey (maybe many times over) so today I want to talk about encouragement.

By starting this journey you are starting to show some self love. It is not hating that large body in the mirror that you really don't want to look at any more. It is looking at your body and thanking it for what it has given you so far and loving it enough to say I WANT TO BE HEALTHY.  I need to be a lower weight and I need to be fit. The things in life that matter; yourself and your family - close and extended - should have you for as long as possible. We need to be active so we can join them in sports, walks, trips and yes, even dining out. We need to be up and out of this chair. We need to eat healthily. We need to do some form of exercise every day. If we make that exercise something we enjoy we will want to do it regularly. Pick a number of forms of exercise to mix it up. If you mix it up your body is never quite sure what muscles are going to be used and it won't get into a set routine.

Forms of exercise:
  • Swimming - non-weight bearing but against water resistance
  • Aqua-jogging - as above
  • Water walking in a number of different ways - as above
  • Gym work - this can be cardio or weight training. Cardio improves heart/lungs, weight training strengthens bones and shapes the body
  • Cycling - cardio and lower body strength
  • Walking - cardio and lower body/ upper body if you swing your arms more vigorously
  • Running/jogging - as above
  • Dog walking - helps the dog get healthy too
  • Cat walking - I'd like to see how far you'd get with that with most cats, though some don't mind going into a walking harness and going with you
  • Dancing - so many different sorts that there is a form of dancing for most people. Dancing With the Stars contestants say that they lost up to 25 kgs during their time. I would like to try belly dancing as I loved doing it with a friend from a long while ago. Being bigger shows it off better too and it tightens your abdominal muscles as well as looking very sexy.
  • Skiing of all sorts.
  • Snowboarding
  • Skating of all sorts
  • Racquet sports - tennis, badminton, squash, ping pong - hand/eye co-ordination and the speed of running to the next ball
  • You find something you like and do it daily for at least an hour. Break that time up if you need too. I like my 90 minutes at the gym but I also like to go for a walk that lasts from an hour upwards.

Set yourself a goal and a time frame to accomplish it in. Reward yourself for reaching that goal. I reward myself with glass items I love, not food. If you slip off the wagon, step right back on. Reset that goal. You have so many ways to help you reach your goals nowadays. The latest electronic way is using a Fitbit and linking in with your friends nearby electronically if you haven't been able to meet up physically. Set reminders on your phone, computer or in your diary. Have friends that are on the same journey so you see can talk about your progress or any problems you may be having that are slowing your progress. These friends may be the people you have known for a while or they may be digital friends. Both sorts help you on your journey.

My Goals at the moment:

  •  Up my gym times to daily with the days that I have other things on being only for an hour, 90 minutes on the between days.
  • Walking into/back and around town for shopping or visits to the library 3+/week
  • Eating better and less
  • Reaching 100 kgs in 6 weeks or less
  • Measuring myself monthly to show that they are decreasing even if the weight is not going down as fast as I want
  • Daily Facebook with WLS friends
  • Blogging weekly to reach out to others on this journey 

I find if I exercise at the gym for 90 minutes that I get the positive endorphins showing up. It took a couple of times of it happening before I realised it was. The same with my walking into town etc. If I go by myself and walk at the speed I like for the same amount of time I get it then as well. I am trying to be more present in my walks and that has been interesting. I have been gifted with a number of lovely bird feathers. Metaphysically it is supposed to show you that your guardian angel is near you and protecting you. My daughter says it is molting season. I enjoy the differences and the beauty in each and every feather. I am going to make and frame a picture using them soon. I notice the weather, the trees, the birdsong, the nice cars going past, the light in so many different forms that I can also use in my writing

I endorse the picture above. I exercise now because I feel better after doing so. I am happier. Today as I got out of bed I rested my hands on my legs. I could feel the muscles underneath with only a small amount of fat overlaying them. It used to be the opposite way round. It was positive reinforcement to me that I am on the right path for me. We need to stop punishing ourselves for past behaviour and make the changes we want and need now. We only have the present. We can't change the past and we don't need to worry about the future as we never get there.Now I eat well, exercise well and live life well. I can do the things I need to make my life better. We can all do this every day. 

Honour yourself by starting the journey for you. Decide what your life needs to be like. Each day do something that will help you get that life. We will walk hand in hand to get there together - to our new life. The life we want and love.