Wednesday, 11 May 2016

I'm a gym bunny - words I never thought I would say

Scary title, huh? When we shifted midway through last year I lost the use of the small on-site gym room where we were. The stress of packing, shifting, unpacking and settling in lead to a weight gain because I was feeding my emotions. Walking wasn't cutting it weight loss wise. Recently a friend said he had joined the gym just down the road (5 minutes walk) for $29 and a weekly amount. I dashed down there the next morning and scored the same deal. I actually got a lower weekly rate as my brother had joined earlier than me. I got a family weekly rate of $10.95 instead of $12.95. Score.

They have an incentive to get you into the habit of using it by saying if you use the gym at least 3 times a week for 12 weeks you get a month fee free. I have been going at least 3 times a week and sometimes up to 5 times if nothing gets in the way. I am enjoying it. I find when I get back home to get Mum up and do the housework that I get through things quicker. My clothes are getting looser again, my muscles are tightening up and my back is slower straightening again. The times I take to do various distances on the bike or treadmill are getting less so I must be going faster. I can increase the weights by one kilo and still do the repetitions well. I am happier emotionally as I spend about 90 minutes there most mornings and that is long enough for the endorphins to kick in.

It is a Jetts' gym so you are able to use it 24/7 as you enter with a swipe card. During the day there is staff available. You get a 1/2 hour free consult on exercise at the start and they are available as personal trainers as well. Most people are there to do their gym work but a number will speak to you. There is a good mix of ages and capabilities so no-one sneers at you which is very good.

I can see there is a difference in these 2 photos;There is still a way to go in my abdomen etc, but the legs are slimming down and shaping up. Early on this gym journey I lost 1.2 kgs in the first week then went up 2 kgs over the next few weeks. The first week I did nibble too much but I pulled myself up and went back to listing food eaten. There was and is a slow decrease happening again. I am putting that initial gain down to muscles growing bigger and therefore heavier than fat. I'd rather have the muscles. I will continue to go to the gym at least 3 times or more each week and hopefully I will return to below 100 kgs in weight soon. I am working on eating less and better each day. I don't always finish what I put on my plate but now I get up and put it on the kitchen bench. If I leave it near me I will nibble at what is left when my stomach empties out a bit. I am putting less on my plate and aiming to see more of the pattern of the lovely plate my food is on.

In a closed Facebook for WLS NZ people we had a lovely discussion on how to reward yourself for reaching goals you have been working towards. I am firmly on the side of buying something permanent from an interest you have had within your life. My first 20 kgs were celebrated with buying 2 blown glass heart shaped paperweights that I chose because they were a lovely shade of blue with patterns internally that I like. I love coloured glass. A Murano chandelier would be my fantasy Christmas gift that I would be delighted to get. The glass candle holder was for the next 10 kgs. I am working towards the next glass item so will start looking now as an incentive to get there faster. Whatever you do to reward yourself do not let it be food or alcohol. They are the things that got us to the stage of being morbidly obese and needing an operation to help us lose our weight.  

Clothes can be a good incentive. On the Biggest Loser they get them to chose the item of clothing they have always wanted to be able to wear. They showcase it in a glass case and by then end of the program the person is parading down a runway wearing it. I know the joy I felt when I finally got out of the 26, 24, 22, 20 range and into the 16-18 size range. I wish my breasts would reduce even further so I can get back to at least the DD range as there aren't many pretty bras in the larger sizes still. It would also be easier on my shoulders and back. If I find when I get right down to a normal weight and I still retain the size I would seriously think about breast reduction.I like being larger in some ways but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. 

Give yourself permission to buy a few clothes items in your new size and dispose of the clothes you no longer fit. A charity shop will be happy to receive them as it is a size they don't have many of and they are needed. Don't keep Fat or Thin clothes in your cupboards. Keep only what you fit. Get a ftting for your bra size (if female) as your size will change. Shoe sizes will go down as you lose weight too which is something they don't tell you about. I was a size 9 in my 20's and slowly crept up to a size 11 as my weight increased. I have lost one shoe size so far and expect to return to that size 9 when I get my weight right down.

I am reading Deepak Chopra's book called "What are you hungry for - The Chopra solution to permanent weight loss, well being and Lightness of soul". I think this is a good book for me at the moment  as I feel what I need to work on more is the mental part of weight gain so that I can balance myself out and work through what is needed. I don't want to self medicate with food anymore. I am finding it very interesting and it is answering my questions, making me think, and encouraging me to balance out my life. He says this leads to balance in your weight  and from some changes I have made recently I can see what he is saying will work on my mind and eating habits. Balance and awareness are essential to change. It is worth reading. Mine is a library copy but I may buy a copy so I can go back to it regularly.

My Intentions for the rest of May:
  1. Gym 4-5 times a week
  2. Eat smaller, more protein, less carbs
  3. Walk 2-3 times a week
  4. Do a chapter in my MG book at least every 2 days to finish the first draft finally
  5. Knit beanies and scarves for the City Mission so homeless people have something to keep them warm over winter (done 1 scarf, 1 beanie so far)
  6. Mow the lawn fortnightly (done once)
  7. Do this blog weekly

MY WEIGHT this week back to 105.9 kgs