Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Possible weight loss from WL surgeries

The weight loss surgeries act in one of two ways: Restriction or Malabsorption. Restriction is a limiting of the size of stomach by either placing a LapBand around the upper part of the stomach or by removing up to 80% of your stomach as in the Gastric Sleeve. Malabsorption as in the Gastric Bypass is by making a pouch at the top of your stomach that connects much lower in your small intestine. Food has a much shorter time to be absorbed and it isn't fully absorbed.

The time that your body takes to alter is different for each operation but with all of them you will lose faster at the start. What you have to remember though is these percentages are about your excess weight.

 Current Weight - Ideal Weight = Excess Weight

It still remains up to you, and what you do, as to how much weight is lost in the end. Weight Loss Surgery is a tool that helps you lose the initial weight that can help you become a healthier person. It is hard to exercise when you are 40 +% higher than you should be weight wise. Your body protests in your lower limbs with pain, your boobs try to smother you in your sleep and fat around essential organs makes it more difficult for them to work properly. Pick up a child that weighs how much weight that you need to lose to give you a better perspective. When you grunt and groan to do it remember that is the extra amount you carry around every day. No wonder you don't feel right. I know. Been there, done that. Guys, pick up some bags of cement to give yourself an idea.

Any weight loss further out is all you. You have learned to eat better. You have learned to exercise daily. You have learned the food and fluids your body needs. It may be on-going but every time you learn something new your body will thank you. Your family will thank for being there, and healthy, with them. You may get that family you have been trying for so long to have. You may feel better in your skin than you ever have. TRY IT. GO for it. Keep going every day. Everyday's a new and better day.

Type of surgery
Way it works
Possible weight loss
Roux-en-Y gastric bypass
Malabsorption. Initial size limitation, reconnected lower in the small intestine less time to be absorbed.
65-75% of EXCESS weight
12-18 months, changes made by you help
Lap Band
Restriction. A band is placed around the upper stomach (adjustable through external port) limiting amount of food eaten. Allows normal absorption.
50 % of EXCESS weight
Up to 3 years if you work at it.
Lap. Gastric sleeve
Restriction. Part of the stomach permanently removed creating tube. Less hunger hormones produced. Normal absorption.
40-70% of EXCESS weight
In the first year, can be ongoing if you continue to work at it.