Saturday, 23 July 2016

Progress finally, have lost a kilo in weight.

 I have had a long 6 months of bouncing around 106-108 kgs and finally I have started on a downward trend in the last 2 weeks. Once again my body has reinforced that you have to eat less calories than you need to actually lose weight. I cut out eating puddings every night and suddenly a kilo of weight disappeared. Going to the gym at least 4 times a week for 90 minutes and walking for 1-3+ hours on the other days was the other part of the equation.

I use MyFitnessPal to record the food I eat and the exercise I do as well. The food input shows you how many carbs, fat, protein, sodium and sugar that you have eaten. If you are trying to increase or lower some of these you have an instant response on how well you are doing. You look at the food     you are eating and do some research to improve the levels.

There are blogs to read or write. The mental part of weight loss is as important as the physical part. Writing it down can help you see where you are at. If you are down or hating yourself this shows up and you can address it. If you are celebrating good things in your life you do so out loud for others to read. If you have found something that works for you someone else may be able to use it too.

I have a problem drinking enough water each day and noting how much makes me drink up so I can write it down. Instead of 1250 mls /day I am regularly drinking 17-1800 mls. My body is happier with that. You can also check charts of your progress and nip an upwards trend quicker. Forums with other going through the same journey show you why, how, when etc things may happen. So many others are having the same battles. Most give positive support to you. Those that don't are soon put in their place.

It is a place where if you are too thin to be healthy or too fat and risking major health problems there is someone there in the same place. If others around you; whether at home , at work or just socially, are shaming you emotionally you can talk about it. Hey, at least you are attempting to become a healthier person. Most of the shamers have their own problems. Why deal with theirs? You need to be strong on this journey. Hopefully those around you will be strong with you.

Recipes that may be of use in changing your eating habits are available. We can get stuck in the same food groove. It pays to try something new. Your tastes may change after WLS. The amount you can eat certainly does. The type of food that you can tolerate and enjoy does. Fatty food and too many carbs will cause dumping - not nice. But hey, you had the surgery for a reason.  

Their own blog covers many aspects surrounding weight. They have sorted it out into Eat, Move, Live and Learn. I find these articles and videos very useful. It is a tool that may be of use to you. It is to me.

These photos are me. The top 2 were taken today and the bottom 2 were in January this year just after Xmas. I can see that the gym work is tightening my body up. I know when I look down my body I no longer see lumps of rolly fat jutting out from my inner thigh. My boos are out past my abdomen again instead of my abdomen being very visible past my boobs. There is more muscle definition on my forearms and the upper arm is slightly smaller. I hope the next lot of photos I share will show an even bigger difference.

I am giving myself a pat on the back for losing, instead of gaining, weight this winter. I have been known to gain up to 20 kilos though that came down to 2+ post surgery. Losing 2 kgs in the last 3 weeks makes me happier. Fitting into XL leggings easily again makes me happier. I have others that I love but if I can keep this weight loss going I will have to release them to someone else that may need them at the end of this winter. There are nice clothes awaiting me next year that will be smaller and prettier. I look forward to it and will work hard to get there.