Monday, 19 August 2013

Under 120kgs for the first time in years 19th August 2013

Today and last Friday morning I was under 120kgs. On Friday I was 119.7kgs and then for the next few days I was 121.1kgs. Today I am 119.2kgs. Woohoo. I do react to not going for a walk or as yesterday, being on my feet for most of the day, by seeming to gain weight. My surgeon has told me to not weigh myself each day but in my mind I think I am still disbelieving that I will lose weight and it will stay off. As time goes on and the trend continues I will pull back on weighing myself so often. My surgeon says to do so every 2 weeks but I used to weigh myself weekly anyway so will probably tail it back to that.

I am happy about that weight loss as we have had two birthday dinner party in 2 days. It was Steve's birthday on the 16th. I finished sewing up the blanket for him the night before and put it in a black gift bag ( a very large one). We had chicken in orange casserole, potatoes, peas and corn. I could eat 1 half of a small potato, 3 bites of chicken and 2 teaspoons of the vegetables. We had ice cream for dessert so it was a few spoons of that about 20 minutes after the main course. A small piece of the banana birthday cake at supper time was almost too much for my stomach. It  let me know with a quick run to the toilet before bed. The amount you are able to eat makes a difference as does that bit of daily exercise. Just what they have always told you and what you thought you had been doing.

Last night we had my nephew's birthday party. He and his fiancée came up from Rotorua for a few days. We had his sister and her husband, and their father for dinner. It was corned beef with mustard sauce, roast potatoes (rolled in melted butter and roast lamb seasoning before fan baking in the oven), roast pumpkin, parsnips, carrots and peas (boiled together). Pudding was apple and pear crumble with ice cream. 1 slice (small) of corned beef with 1 tsp or less of the mustard sauce, 1 small potato piece and a sliver of pumpkin, 2 tsp of the veges followed by, much later, a dessertspoon of crumble and ice cream. Everyone one else had a dinner plate, I used a bread and butter plate that you could still see the pattern of. I am slowly getting to learn my limit. The puddings for everyone were served in Chinese rice bowls (small). Of course the guys did come back for seconds but that was expected. 


The Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve gives you that permanent portion size control. That being said lollies go down easier than protein or carbohydrates. You still have to keep an eye on what you are putting into your mouth. Protein has to head the list to keep your muscles feed. Vegetables and fruit fill you up so you have no room or really much desire for the things you should not being eating. The amount of water fills the gaps and it is needed for your kidneys and gall bladder to cope without problems.

I am now pain free in my abdominal area. The 2 stitches in one site must be absorbed now and it is good to move freely again. It has been a week without pain. I can hang the washing again and put washing, to air a little longer, on top of the hot water cylinder. Both this things I was not able to do till this week.

I am having a few laughs with some of my clothes. The sleeves have gone from my wrist to the start of my fingers. I swim in my nighties and dressing gown. My pants are baggy and you can gather them into full handfuls on the legs same as a lot of my tops. When it is seasonal changeover time they will all be going to charity. One pair of pants will be kept to do the obligatory photo when I reach the weight I want to hold at.

You need that "Oh My God, were you that big once?" response to help you feel proud of what you have achieved. Even with the help of the operation it is still something YOU have done. No-one else has done it for you. You have the operation (with its attendant risks), you eat what you should, you exercise as a way to improve your weight loss. This can only be done by you so be proud and loud about it. Let no-one tell you it was the easy way because it is not.

Like my second paperweight for that second 10 kgs of weight loss. I have now lost 21.9kgs or 48.18 lbs. Proud, loud. Happy. My next goal is 110kgs. I am setting each goal at 10 kgs as that comes around sooner than aiming for the total weight loss I actually desire (down to around 65 kgs). I can pat myself on the back for achieving that 10kgs as are other people around me. I may buy some silver earrings I have seen for the next 10 kg loss.
I am looking forward to buying smaller summer clothes. My wardrobe may be a little lean for a while as I don't want to buy clothes that I will then have to dispose of in a short time. Luckily my niece is large but smaller than me and I have some of her clothes from last year that I could not fit then but will be able to now. That will give me some leeway.
She looked into the operation too but she has no other morbidities and she has not had children so is unable to get it in the public system at the moment. Her depression and back pain have improved so she is in a weight loss frame of mind at the moment anyway and she is losing a noticeable amount- so hard to do - and we are proud of her too. Her brother's fiancée is aware of heart problems in their family so has her brother on an exercise and eating regime that has improved his weight and fitness. The family are all looking at what they are doing with good results all round. Going Gluten Free has helped in some cases.