Wednesday, 28 August 2013

118kgs 26th August 2013

I am still gently losing weight and am now118.1kgs today. Last week we had a lot of walks over to the shops for various reasons. I no longer get a sore back out of the longest walk or the muscle spasms that I used to get for the rest of the day. I am so NOT missing that. Amazing what losing a bit of weight can do for your health and mobility. I also went to our gym twice and spent time on the exercycle and treadmill. I would have done some weight raining as well but other people came in and were using the equipment. I still hate the person who can use the elliptical trainer for over 20 minutes. My left knee hurts too much after a few minutes. One day maybe: a goal to aim for.

I had a problem eating out the other day. I got what I thought would be something better than biscuits or muffins. It was a small round of vegetables with a little bacon in it somewhere (I never found it) and they said it was baked not fried. I got less than a quarter the way through and had to stop. I got symptoms of dumping. 3 times I had to get rid of thick saliva in my throat that was choking me. I even thought I might have to dash for the nearest toilet as I felt I was going to be sick. My stomach felt really sore and clogged. I sat quietly for about 20 minutes and finally it all settled. I am never having that food again. My doctor suggested it had more fat than it appeared to as that would  cause the symptoms. It is still early on in this process though so I am still finding out what I can and cannot eat.

 Probably need to have a notebook with me to note these things down. It is cheaper to have morning tea out with Mum as she only has to buy what she wants. I drink the water I brought with me and have a small nibble of what she is having. Our food bill is less to as we don't go through as much food. Mum is overweight too so she is using this time to slowly lose weight before summer herself. Over the last month she has gone down by 3 kgs herself. Some of that was because she did more exercise on her trip away. She is eating less though. Spring is almost here so when we have a fine afternoon we shall start going for walks around here and explore the local roads: look at the houses and gardens on them.

 This top last year was so tight that it flattened my bust noticeably. I can now hold a handful of fabric at the side so happy, happy, joy, joy. I am wondering what size I will be buying next winter's clothes in: 12, 14, 16? Will tell you when the time comes. I do have one top for summer in a smaller size.

I must say I don't see a huge difference in the photos but I definitely feel different in how my clothing fits and how much further I can walk without any sort of pain. Even my left knee is behaving well. Previously I was wondering how long it would be before my next Total Knee Joint Replacement and now I think unless I damage it in some other way it may not need doing. I do need to get back into doing some exercises that will tighten my stomach muscles. It became very difficult to do them when my weight was over 140 kgs but as I can easily knot my shoelaces again it is about time to restart those exercises.