Sunday, 4 August 2013

4th August 120.1 kgs

I have lost my first 21 kgs counting from the 1st May and 5.5 kgs since my operation. I got a treat for myself on Friday. I had decided at the start of this journey that I would treat myself with tangible objects for reaching weight-loss goals: jewellery, clothes, books and other pretty things. I went into a number of shops. I saw some lovely silver earrings that tempted, a lovely crystal vase, a mug that had a mystical fairy image on it but lovely as they were there wasn't the total "take me Home now" vibe. Off to another store and I found a lovely paperweight made of clear glass with a lovely blue pattern inside it. Even better, it was $10 when it had originally been $50.

I love all forms of coloured glass so I was very pleased to find and buy this lovely paperweight. The box it comes in is as big a treat as it is almost an origami box. Inside were 2 gift tags as well. I am going to put a little sticker on the bottom with date and weight to remind me in the years to come.
I have my post-op 3 week appointment with Dr Stephanie Ulmer tomorrow. Maybe she can find out why my right side still aches. The rest of me is feeling good. I can do most of the normal housework but I stop and rest a bit more. Same with going to the shops. I have had family or friends help with taking the washing in and out as stretching up is not good yet. I am still trying to drink or eat what is suggested. They are right to say you no longer have that hunger all the time. Even if part of it might be psychological (you have finally done a major step to control your weight) I am happier about it. I like to notice that my clothes are getting looser, my rings may be getting too loose (Mum may score them if they won't stay on any finger) and even my shoes are showing a difference. It amazes me at times and I thought I was an intelligent person. I kept saying I was OK with my weight but really I was not. People have been known to make obnoxious comments from cars or as they passed me.

I don't look as though I have lost too much in these photos but the white top now rests over the top of my legs instead of just below my waist. The leggings I have on have wrinkles in them and are loose at the ankles instead of being stretched to within an inch of their life (as my brother recently retorted) so I can feel the difference. I think my arms show some size difference too.

My next weight loss goal is 110kgs. I am aiming for each 10 kgs weight loss so I don't think it is so horrendous a goal. I am looking forward to when I can do some weight training to help bring my body shape in. I do understand though my body may need help in the end to get rid of the stomach apron that may be left at the end. I am older and this weight has been there for a long time so my skin will be permanently stretched but I can do my bit to make the underlying muscles stronger. I might hit a swimming pool next week. We have some on bus routes that I can use as our pool here is not heated or protected from winter cold weather. Pity really.