Tuesday, 8 October 2013

8th October 2013 113.4 kgs (249.48 lbs)

I did not do as many walks last week and it shows on my weight-loss amount. Easier to see the correlation between exercise and diet to weight lost. I was trying to finish a birthday gift for a friend (knitted of course) and fighting a flare up of Carpal Tunnel syndrome I think. My wrist is sore and DOES NOT like to be fully extended. It sends a shooting excruciating pain through my wrist and up my arm. I also have a patch of numbness at the base of my thumb. I have tried prednisone to take down the inflammation with a bit of difference but something more is needed. I do have a small lump in the wrist area too. I think it may require a doctor's visit.

I have got some banana flavoured Up and Go drinks that have extra protein and vitamins in to make sure my body has enough of both. They taste better than the vanilla or coffee. Just a matter of trying things out till you find something that suits your taste buds. I might have to check more fully into what the contents actually calculate out to. Knowing the companies that make these type of things it is probably going to be a lot of sugar and not much else and that would defeat the purpose.

I need to get a blood test done that checks my vitamins, etc, as I am coming up on my 3 month anniversary for the LSG and I have a visit with the Nutritionist to attend at this time. She needs the blood results in front of her as well. It is way to check if you are eating properly to keep your body working well.
I have been enjoying the sun and warmth over the last couple of days. In fact I must find up the sun block lotion as got a little pink on my arms yesterday. I was out on the cane lounge, on the front patio, doing some needlepoint on a tiger embroidery that has been 20 years, and six people, in the making. The end is now in sight with only a bit of grass, tree trunk and the last pieces of tiger left to do. It will go on my wall for a short while then down island to a friend of mine. Her husband will put it over stretchers and hang it on her wall for a short while as she did about 1/2 of it. She will then give it to the original owner to remind her of family and friends who have finally completed it. I shall photograph it and put it in the blog when it is completed. Doing something like this is a way of distracting you from whether or not you are eating as well. Doing something large you can show to friends is a way to document your journey of weight loss. as well. It is good to have something permanent that is done when you are going through a major change in your life. Make no mistake this is a MAJOR change.
We had dinner out with extended family that came up to see the show "Wicked" last week. The night before they went out we had a meal at our local bar/restaurant. I managed a 1/3 of a chicken/mushroom pot pie (none of the pastry top), three forks of mashed potato and peas and 1/2 of my drink. I was loving the taste of the pot pie but you quickly reach the limit of what your stomach will take. It gave me time to talk to them as it did not take long for me to eat what I could. The waiter was going to tease the chef that we didn't like his cooking so as we left I asked for my compliments to be passed on. We were close to the kitchen at the time so I hope he heard.
I went through my clothes from last summer. A lot of my favourites are TOO LARGE. Yay, but I will miss them. Some tops I had been wondering why I was keeping I can now put on and do up. Again, Yay. I will have to look at colours, types and possible combinations for useable outfits though. Today was the try and toss day, or try and hang up day. I will have to check with my eldest daughter to see if she wants me to keep some of the warmer gear as she is thinking of coming back to NZ to do studies. Coloured singlet's that can be used as tops seem to feature a lot. I will need to work my triceps and biceps with weights a lot more as there is some wobble going on there.

My singlet is getting longer and looser. I was previously severely straining the seems and it is now loose especially around the armholes. Some skirts I need to replace the elastic on as the style is one I like and it will remain useful with new elastic. I have to take hems up on some of the long pants as there is about 10-15 cms (4-6 inches) too much length on them now my thighs are no longer filling the spaces in the legs. A top that has pretty pastels flowers and wide lace on the neckline needs darts in the armholes to be comfortable. I must get my brother to bring back the sewing machine in the next few days so I can get the repairs done. I know I can buy new clothes and I will. Some favourites just need a little longer till I can release them to another user.