Sunday, 29 September 2013

29th September 2013 114.2 kgs today

I was hoping to be in the 113 kg range but not quite, probably tomorrow. I have walked most days this week. I tried to win Lotto but only 3 numbers max. A  person in Ponsonby won 2nd division and $33+ million. Bad luck for me good luck for them. I would love to win enough to get my kids homes of their own, and help out family and friends. Most people have a list of things they would do if they have a big lottery win I think.

I feel as though I have won the Lottery since having the LGS. I am losing weight and feeling much better. I am becoming more confident again. I went into a clothes shop that I have not bothered with as the sizes were too small. I saw some nice outfits and with about another 10 kilos off I should be able to start fitting them. It will expand my clothing options exponentially. At the moment Mum and I are the same weight. Next week I shall weigh less than her. This is not something I have done for many years.

We got out in our patio garden yesterday; did some tidying and re-potting. The lettuces I put in earlier in the week have disappeared. I think the birds may have got hungry or maybe snails are hiding somewhere close. Yams are in, some bulbs for Xmas time in  and begonias in a hanging basket as they did so well last year. I went back and forth watering with a watering can that had fertilizer in the water. The plants love having "Thrive"  and grow very well when we use it. Doing that counted as part of my walking for the day then I went over to the shops for the losing Lotto tickets.

I have just moved my rings one finger further up towards my thumb as when I have them in their usual places they are turning around on my hand and the front is ending up at the back. My fingers are getting too slim to hold them. More things I shall have to re-new. I love buying jewellery. It won't be a hardship to have to replace them as I love my bling. At least earrings only have one size so they will be keepers.

We did not get to the swimming pool this week as the weather was too wet and cold for Mum to be out in but it is spring so the weather is slowly improving and we will get there more often. The school holidays have started and go for 2 weeks. Daylight Saving started for us last night also. It is not something I like as my body does not accept the change well. I do like the longer daylight evenings though. 3 months left till Xmas so any gift making better start now. I have cross stitch ornaments to finally put backing fabric on as I did them many years ago. I have started knitting a lovely cable infinity scarf. It is supposed to be a cowl pattern but the wool and needles I have available are smaller so I shall use the name infinity scarf when people ask me about it.

I took photos the other day to show the difference in my stomach from 1 January 2013 till now.

They  show the difference that is occurring. they are also telling me to get to the gym and do some exercises that will tighten my stomach muscles up again. Swimming helps there also. I wish very large people would get over their hang-ups about getting into a pool as you can exercise without pressure on your joints and against the resistance of the water. It tightens the abdominal muscles , strengthens the back muscles and leg muscles but also loosens and lengthens any tight muscles you may have. You can ask the people in the pool office when there is a quiet time and go then. Only wankers make nasty comments about your weight and there are not too many around as they don't usually exercise. They are usually in their cars with the stereo pumping away, they would not know how to exercise other than walk inside and play computer games.


This does not show how I have lost weight this week all that much but it is sitting better on me and I can see the difference when I look in the mirror. I feel better in it and that is what we are all aiming for: good health and fitting our clothes better. Liking ourselves has got to be better mentally than forever looking into the mirror and saying to yourself "How could you let yourself get so big. You look ugly. No-one will love you, you can't even love yourself." No matter how much we deny to other that we think that on bad days we all do.