Monday, 21 October 2013

Low weight loss week 111.9kgs on 21st October 2013

It was a low weight loss week this week. I have been using the gym more. Maybe I gained muscle. That is what I am going to believe anyway. I am feeling better though. The exercise is easier to do each day that I go. I set my phone alarm, get up and dressed, go to the gym for an hour then come home to start the housework. I get Mum up and the day goes on as usual. Some days we also go over to the shops to do the food shopping or go to the library. My wrist is too sore to knit so I am powering through my library books.

The weather has been nice the last few afternoon's so I am getting an early start on my tan. Our front patio is lovely to sit out on in the spring. We have lovely pot-plants full of flowers and vegetables. Mum had me shifting them around on Sunday so she could see the ones with more flowers in from her chair inside. We still have freesias blooming and the scent is beautiful. We are beating the birds to some of our strawberries. They get about 1 in 6. Shifting where they are confuses the bird for a couple of days. It is not too strenuous gardening but you have to de-bud old blooms, do the watering and shift pots as needed. Mum helps a bit and feels like she has done something positive. I bring the pots to her chair and she tidies them up. I get rid of the debris created. We both have fun and the whole complex knows us as the ladies with the nice flower garden.

I am walking further and faster than I used to. I had 3 month bloods to be done this week and I walked to the lab down the road. My brother has usually taken me by car but I decided to walk and it took me 25 minutes to walk there (mostly going slowly up-hill, an hour wait for the blood test then less than 20 minutes to get home. I took my water bottle with me and it was much easier for the lady to get the bloods this time (about 5 vials). My veins were visible with the combination of exercise, drinking enough water and less fat over the top of them. I am now almost 30 kgs lighter than I was at the beginning of May, and 15 kgs lighter than I was when I had the operation. It is going steadily and I think I am not losing too much muscle mass. My hair is not quite as glossy but it isn't too bad and it seems to be improving again. Once the results are in I have to see the nutritionist for the three month review.

I have a Halloween theme birthday party to go to this weekend. I have brought some glow in the dark skeletons and skulls that I am going to put on a ribbon and around my waist. I am working on the theme of becoming a skeleton of the person I used to be. I want to get a witch wig, possibly hat and am still tossing up whether  to do a face paint like a Sugar Skull, wear a mask or something else. Pinterest has been good for ideas, probably too many ideas as I can't decide yet what I really want to do. At the moment no matter what weight I am it is still less than what I have been for over 10- 20 years. I remember being 92 kgs in 1990.

One of my friends from Palmerston North phoned us the day before she went off to Melbourne , Australia, for a week. She had won a 2nd division Lotto with friends and had some smaller wins. Melbourne was a place she had always wanted to visit so she decided now was the time. She looked after her Mum for many years so it is nice to see her do something on her bucket list. She is the nicest lady to know. She works In a bakery which means she is getting up for work at 3 a.m. most days of the week. She took the day off before she flew out and slept in till 8 a.m. A very late awakening for her and she enjoyed it. She was working her way through a list of last minute things she needed to do then she was going to relax and enjoy herself.
Tonight we had a phone call from friends that lived opposite us in Chinderah , NSW, Australia. It was lovely to catch up with what has been happening to them and us. Got the proper email address as had lost it when I had problems with my previous email account. I gave him my brother's phone number as they were good mates as well.
Goals for the next week :
  • be in the 110's
  • keep to the gym at least 4 + times
  • walk at least 4+ times
  • eat more protein and vegetables
  • make the 1500 mls of water daily more consistently