Wednesday, 6 November 2013

5 November 2013 Guy Fawkes Night in New Zealand 110.6 kgs today

Guy Fawkes Night in New Zealand is like the 4th of July fireworks displays. It commemorates a failed attempt by Guy Fawkes to blow up the House of Parliament in England in the 1600's. We are part of the British Commonwealth so it is a night that we let off fireworks (successfully usually). We used to make Guys (stuffed newspapers into old clothes) that we would throw on bonfires when I was a child. You could set one on a trolley and ask for a "Penny for the Guy". That doesn't really happen now. Fireworks are mostly done at big public displays but we can still buy our own fireworks to have our own parties. Some people are trying to get them banned for personal sale as there are always a few idiots who cause fires or hurt themselves by misusing their fireworks. I think we should remain entitled to our personal fireworks but have an age limit for the sales (enforceable) and make adults liable for keeping them safe from young idiots.

I MADE 110.9 kgs so another 10kg milestone in my weight-loss journey. Tomorrow I am buying me some silver earrings shaped like angel wings to commemorate it. My next goal is 100kgs, then 90, 80, and 70. I will then decide if I want to try for 65 kgs as an end weight. I will yell out loud when I hit 99.9kgs as I will be in the doubles then instead of the triples. It is getting closer and closer.


The gym is seeing me more frequently now. I am enjoying going as it is tightening up my abdominal and arm muscles. My legs are looking better and my ankles are becoming trimmer. My neck is thinner and that age wattle you can get is shrinking. I am happier looking into the mirror even now. When I get back from the gym I move more freely and get through my housework faster as I am energized already. I added another Kilo of weight on the machine today as it was feeling too easy. On the treadmill I can walk at 3.8kph more easily. I don't feel like I am going to slip off the back now.
As a woman I up the repetitions before I up the weights. I want strength without the bulk. Tightening muscles that have become lazy and floppy over the last couple of years is my aim. The day starts with the gym as I set my alarm, get up, dressed and off to the gym. When I get back an hour later it is time to get mum up and start the day. My back is moving more freely due to the exercise as well. I walk to the shops at least 3 times a week to take library books back or do the shopping. We do a big walk around the full shopping area at least once a week that means at least 7000 steps done then. Every bit helps.
I went to my niece's birthday party on the 26th October. It was her 30th birthday. She put on a fabulously decorated house, good food, good guests and good music. Food wise I had a spoonful of chicken, beef and potato salad. A few lollies snuck in but not many. 1 Southern Comfort and LP kept me sipping for the night. I did have a shot glass of Baileys Irish Cream. A few minutes later had a mild case of dumping, so no, I can't drink Baileys as it is probably too fatty. You learn something new every day. it is just a matter of trying something if you are not sure. A bad response means its off your list now. There was good air guitar action happening and you would be amazed who was dancing to death metal (the oldies as it had a good rhythm). Bohemian Rhapsody had everyone there singing lustily. Black light had parts of my costume glowing well. With black clothing and G-I-T-D skeletons and heads I was a Skeleton of my former self. A long black and white witches wig completed my outfit.
skeleton of my former self

niece and her PAPA-rat- azzi

111.6kgs last week