Wednesday, 20 November 2013

20th November 2013 109.7kgs today

I am slowing down on my weight loss but I have a plan to increase it again. I had lollies last week so this week I am keeping myself busy in a room further way from them. I am also working harder at the gym and going for walks as well. I am doing Nanowrimo and am behind on my word count so will spend more time on it till the end of the month (and keep my hand out of the lolly jar). I am going to set my time early on the alarm so I have longer at the gym. I have more strength and endurance now so when the alarm goes off for home time I don't want to. I have to though as I do it first thing in the morning and have to go to get my mother started on her day.

It may be weighing heavier as muscle is heavier than fat. That does not worry me too much as I can see the visible difference in fat folds disappearing off my body. I can see a waist forming again and my back/shoulders are straightening out. The arm wattle is improving. It is not worth losing weight just to replace it with large folds of loose skin so I am doing my bit to lessen that possibility. There is only so much that can be done as my skin has been stretched to the largest size for a long time. The shapewear available today will help under a dress though.

Craft wise I am keeping myself busy needlepointing a Xmas present for my brother of a sailing ship on the high seas so am putting in time each day. I have started knitting an Advent calendar as well. An other brother took me to Spotlight (a store that has a large craft section) and I got the new needlepoint, cottons for the new one and the tiger one, and some Xmas fabric (fat 1/4) to finish International Santa's I cross stitched many years ago and never finished into ornaments. All this hand-craft should keep my hands off food and help my weight loss journey.

Night meals have salads with them now. My bloods for the nutrition visit were good. I have managed to keep my proteins up cutting muscle loss and only 2 vitamins need a slightly larger help. The weather is warming up now. I have swapped my winter duvet for a summer weight one and taken the extra blanket off. I did the spring cleaning of the front and back areas of our place so about 1/2 through the spring cleaning I like to do before Xmas. I'll soon be into early baking. My Xmas cake is cooked. Within the next week it will be iced and out  on its new cake stand. Mum likes to offer it to visitors from the beginning of December onwards. I like the icing more than the cake as I have never been a fan of Fruit cake.

The last 2 photos are Mum and Myself at the KIP Xmas party and  the last one is a general view of the others there.