Thursday, 28 November 2013

108.5kgs on 28th November 2013

I am going to the gym most days now and it is showing up on the scales. Today I was 108.5kgs (238.7 lb). I am inching closer to my next goal of 99.9kgs. I would love to be there by Christmas. Daily gym work and more walking combined with proper diet should do the trick.

I am doing treadmill, cycling and a variety of weight machines and free weight exercises. I am doing the weights to help shape my body and hopefully bring the loose skin from my weight loss in. I also love the feel of tight muscles. Not just a tight bodied man you lust over in magazines but your own body with definition from muscles, not fat. It means I am regaining my personal strength -physically and emotionally. My self confidence is improving and that is an unexpected bonus from the weight loss journey I am on.

My clothes continue to loosen and most weeks there are clothes I have to remove from use as they are no longer comfortable because they are too LOOSE not too TIGHT. Woohoo. That is such a fabulous feeling to have. For too many years to count it was difficult to find clothes or underclothes that fitted comfortably. Larger clothes were either very expensive for fashionable clothing or the cheaper clothing did not have much style nor was it fashionable really. I spent time yesterday looking in mid range clothing stores I have not bothered to go into for years. I have a wedding to go to at the end of January and I wanted to see the size and cost I would be looking at. I need to be a NZ size 16 - 18 and I will be able to wear something really nice. Cost would be between $60-130. When I buy it I will photograph it for this blog (2 months time).

I am about to start putting up the Xmas decorations. I have already put a small hanging on our front door and put our first 2 cards up on the wall with Blue-tack. The Christmas tree and lights are the next big Jobs. I do a bit each day and it is soon done. Our Xmas presents for family in Australia were sent yesterday. With 2 cards to USA it was $NZ68. Ouch. It is for my children and grandchildren though. Later today we are going tour local shopping centre (Mall) -Botany Town Centre - if it is not raining, to listen to and sing carols in the Market Square.

I wonder if it is mirror that makes me look bigger at times. Recently we were at my brother's city flat and I swear his door mirror made me look lighter than my dresser one. We had a lovely sit down in his courtyard area but also did some gardening and sweeping up of the area. He looked around and realised there was no BBQ for the summer and now there is one for the residents to use. He is a person who notices what needs to be done and does it. I can be the person who notices but I tend to pass it off to some-one else to do.