Wednesday, 4 December 2013

108.1kgs (237.82lbs) on 5th December 2013

Gym work last week: I went to the gym 3 times last week and did a solid hour at least each time. I have done alternate days this week for the same amount of time. A number of longer walks on alternate days have kept me busy. Some of the walks are Xmas shopping walks, some are take the library books back before the fines get too high walks ( I still have $9 to clear on that as I was late in taking a few back). Exercise is exercise and my mind is now in the habit of some extra exercise each day and is happier when I have done it. It gets antsy if I have not done some exercise. Makes me fidget and lack concentration as my mind feels there is something I should have done. This helps get me up and out the door. You can't go every day and do the same thing as your body needs time to heal in between.

I am working on my brother's handcrafted present and it is going well. I need to get some more cottons so a bus trip to the next suburb is needed as even though we have a large shopping hub there is no-one here who sells embroidery cottons. What idiot let that occur. You can only get very basic knitting supplies and small amounts of art supplies. Obviously who ever designed and booked in shops was not a craft person. Maybe they need to relax from their stressful job by taking up a handcraft.

We have had some lovely weather lately which has let my do the walking without problems but today it is raining. The ground and the birds in the area are loving it though. I also don't need to water our container garden except the few sheltered pots. We have Christmas lilies opening up. I love their scent as it is an integral scent of Xmas for me. Daylilies and other plants are making our patios look good. People in the area know Mum and I as the plant ladies as not many have as many plants as we do. I need to fertilize them soon and as I use a watering can to do so the number of steps adds up and it is more Exercise for me. They call that Incidental exercise. Doing the ironing can add footsteps it you hang each individual item as you iron it and not wait till the end. Spring cleaning really amps the exercise level if done right.

Last Thursday we went to the shops and had a carol singing evening. They also had some vintage cars to look at. My niece and her husband came visiting and we had a drink at the local pub before heading home for more visiting. I found that a McDonald's cheese burger is not something I can eat any more. I almost had a wild dash to the nearest toilet to rapidly get rid of it. Sitting and swallowing for at least 20 minutes before things settled. It is all part of the learning curve. The funny thing is I only ever had it 2-3 times a year before. My  brother assisted in eating what I could not.

I have decorated the Xmas tree and even that can be exercise: bring out the ornament box, set up the tree, fill the tree with lights and ornaments. You are up and down like a yoyo. It looks pretty afterwards too and starts making you feel Christmas is coming. I love my Xmas music too. I have classical, easy listening and pop versions of Xmas songs to play.

Just to get you in a Christmas mood or scare the h... out of you because it is looming ever closer. Only 19 more sleeps as we used to say as kids. I would love to be under 100kgs but a realistic goal is at least 105 kgs or less by Christmas.