Wednesday, 1 January 2014

106.5 kgs before Xmas but have gone up slightly

Christmas has caused some weight gain but not as much as I usually would have. The food and chocolates are a killer but I have been back to the gym twice this week. I think if I had taken the time to go to the gym each day I would not have gained anything. Exercise definitely helps with the diet. I will let you know how quickly I can get back on to the losing weight slope.

I feel better already just with the 2 gym sessions in the last 3 days. I gave myself excuses like I was up too late last night to go this early this morning, too much to do today to go now, I don't want to get up. That was what they were. Excuses. I will take that on board, own it and not let it happen again. I also did not keep up with this blog and used the same excuses. I did not want to admit to myself and you that I was being self-indulgent.

A NEW YEAR AND A NEW WAY TO LIVE, LEARN AND LOVE ME. They say you have to love yourself before you let others love you. I also find I can love others as I no longer obsess about how fat I am. I am becoming more visible to people as my size diminishes. That is quite funny in many ways as I used to take up more space but a lot of people would gloss over the fact you were there. They would get out of your way if you were walking towards them but in shops (especially dress shops) you could be invisible.

I feel better today after my exercise and my housework goes faster when I get back as my body is already in moving mode. My upstairs neighbour who has already lost all her excess weight with a lap band gave some of her favourite clothes that she will never need again. A red top with black frog closures my mother could fit went to her but I scored a purple Country Road jacket coat with a lovely pattern at the top, a red velvet top that barely came off my back for the first 3 days and other assorted tops. Only one top has to wait a little longer before I can wear it.

We had a good but quiet Xmas with family and friends. I phoned my kids and their family in Australia on Xmas Day and had a talk with them. On the 29th December I turned 60. It is funny how a number can make you feel slightly different. Then I thought you are only as old as you fell and I feel 30 so there. New Year's Eve was a quiet night at home with my brother and mother but it was a good night. We talked about all sorts of things. We saw the New Year in and saw some of the local fireworks. Maybe next year we will go into town again like we did in 2012. This year, 2014, will be a brilliant year.

  1. Reach 63 kgs before my daughters wedding
  2. Be as fit and firm as I can make myself
  3. Use the gym at least 4times per week or more
  4. Walk on most days whether it is a short walk or a long one
  5. Get to the swimming pool more often summer and winter
  6. Dispose of my fat clothes
  7. Find what clothes suit me and get them
  8. Reward my 10 kgs weight loss goals with something permanent not food
  9. Save the money for the Australia trip: plane, spending money and wedding help money
  10. Clear my knitting wool stash before I get any more
  11. Finish my Lighthouse Adventure YA book
  12. Write another book - paranormal romance
  13. Blog each week
  14. Keep up my Pinterest pages
  15. Do the cross stich on my brother's linen table clothe
  16. Scrapbook my life and my girl's lives
  17. Write what I know of my daughter Rebecca's life to remind her of what it was like
  18. Be able to write in 2015 that all our family is still alive and well as they are today at the beginning of 2014
  19. Become more social with people outside family group
  20. Use the buses more often to go to other areas around us
  21. Be able to tick all these at year's end

The 4th picture is me as the top looked last year, the 1st picture is the same top this year. Definitely a smaller body in this year's pic. I might keep that top for a while and take a photo each Xmas to show weight loss and that I keep it off.