Monday, 27 January 2014

No weight change this week 105kgs

I went to the gym an extra day and walked each day- no change in weight. I need to check my diet, or exercise more. It could be a plateau though and maybe next week I shall have a good weight loss. I even managed to eat much less lollies and resisted temptation to eat food while out. These things are sent to try us. On the flip side my clothes are looser.

I was using the M2 multi-muscle group weight machine today when the cord that connects weights, etc together broke. I noticed the other day that there was something wrong with it and meant to tell the office that it needed replacement. I forgot to do so and now it is out of action till fixed. I might have to get on the exercycle till it is fixed. There are free weights so I can still do some weight training to help shape my body.

Another top that will soon go to a larger person. Another 2 kgs and it will feel uncomfortable. I had to remove a lovely pansy patterned top from the useful side today as that was just TOOOO BIG. I actually brought some lightweight leggings from a $2 dollar shop the other day to keep me going till I am lighter. Even a month ago that would have been unthinkable as it would not have fit. I love the Merric store in Botany as I fit their clothes, they are a reasonable price and they look good on. I like their bling rings too. They go to size 20 and the size 18 is a better fit. The size 20 is feeling loose now. I feel spoilt for choice. It is what colour and style suits me now, not the fact it does not fit so is a waste of time looking, as it used to be.

I am working my way through my bedroom, and flat, and getting rid of what is no longer needed or useful. Feng shui says this needs to be done to allow new life in and I think it is working.

This week's goals:
  • gym x5
  • frequent walks
  • no lollies at all
  • look at what I am eating and make sure it is right
  • attend my nephew's wedding and have fun
  • swim in the hot pool at the motel 2 times a day at least
  • write in my journal daily
  • post on Pinterest regularly including Gastric Sleeve board
  • be here next Sunday to write this blog
To all those following; IT can be done and when it looks like stalling keep going for just another day (every day). Look how far I have come so far. 141kgs down to 105 kgs. I am feeling better already. My family is happier for me and my friends love it. Well done for your weight loss.