Tuesday, 7 October 2014

7th October 2014 101.9 kgs today, was 1.3 kgs lighter yesterday

That increase in weight has to mainly be fluid as you don't gain that much that quickly. I expect it to be down again tomorrow. Gym work has been a bit nicer recently as have managed to go at times a lot of other aren't. I actually go into a meditative state usually in the gym as I count my repetitions. I do a lower weight but more repetitions as I am trying to pull my skin back onto my body. Some of the young guys use large weights but less reps. They grunt and groan their way through their program but I find that very distracting to me. The gym is a small one on the housing estate grounds. I miss that meditative state when I can't reach it. I still enjoy the feeling of less fat over my bones and more taut muscle under the fat layer that is still there. 

Summer is coming to New Zealand though and I am looking forward to the times we can go into our pool. At the moment winter is trying to do a late blast and parts of our two largest islands had snow over the weekend. The skiers will love that as they had 45 cms (18 inches) more cover laid down (longer before end of season now). The equinoctial winds we get in October are having fun knocking down power poles in some areas to the dismay of some parents as it is school holidays here (2 weeks). Out of the wind when we sit on our front patio we can get the first start to our new summer tan. The bones and muscles post-gym like the relaxing qualities of the deep warmth too.

I have had fun buying Xmas presents at low prices in the sales most stores have on at the moment while they try to grab the money from the parents through their children's "I want, I need, But everyone else has one" whines. I like to get books and homeware presents for a lot of people but I also like to make some gifts. Initials embroidered for a bookmark seem to be my thing this year. I have done most of one for my mother; need to do outline around it then make up the rest of the bookmark part. I'd like to do one for my brothers as well. We shall see how we go. 

Recently I finished a crocheted blanket for the top of my bed. It is made from mohair or mohair/wool blends. It is warm, light and colourful. I have also done one to give to a friend for Hospice Care and am in the middle of the second one. She gave me a box of mohair wool when she saw I was happy working with it and just asked for "Knee rugs, Please." The lightness and warmth would be perfect for cancer patients as it would not irritate their skin but keep them much warmer. Another of the ladies at KIP (Knitting In Public, held at our local library) offered me 2 cones of mohair she has at home so she  will bring that next fortnight. I don't go to the alternate week at Howick as I now have a writing critique group on the alternate weeks. 5th Tuesday, nothing on. 

I usually enjoy the feeling of being lazy but this time I spring-cleaned my mother's room and our small hallway. I like to thoroughly clean twice a year (Spring and Autumn). The place feels and smells so much better afterwards and it helps me lose weight. I can't eat and clean at the same time and all that cleaning counts as exercise. A double whammy to my body. A good decrease in weight usually too. I love the look of the flat afterwards. Shiny windows, white net curtains, lemon smell of the polish, and if I put the mattress, etc out in the sunshine to sunbathe it comes back in much better. The mattress gets lighter as it gets rid of any moisture  absorbed from drying clothes inside the flat  on very wet days. There is a smell to things that have been in sunshine that I really enjoy.

Do you like the picture above? The photograph is of Piha Beach- a west coast of Auckland surf beach with iron sands as well) that my brother, Dave, took and and got printed in A2 size for my brother, Geoff, as a birthday present. Geoffrey then spent quite a bit of money getting it framed but it is now up on his walls where he can see it everyday. The rock in the center of the bay is called Lion Rock and if you look closely you can see why. It almost looks like a painting but it is definitely an untouched photo. Dave tried many times to get it as good as this and one day the lighting, tide, etc all came together as he wanted. 

Aim before next post:

  • lose a kilo a week at least 
  • finish spring cleaning of the rest of the flat
  • plant out all the bulbs my brother brought for us  the other day
  • finish 2 knee rugs before next KIP session (2 weeks away)
  • enjoy writing group next week