Monday, 3 November 2014

Almost Guy Fawkes night. 101.6 kgs still

I am stable in weight at the moment . I managed to get myself to the gym three times last week but did do some very long walks during most days. I stopped taking my vitamins as now my body is back in balance I react strongly to pyridoxine. That B Vitamin makes me feel very hungry when I take it. I am slowly feeling less hungry and am taking back the snacking I was doing, a lot. I can take a longer time before the desire to eat distracts me. I actually use distraction also.

Nanowrimo has restarted and I am already over 5000 words done towards the 50,000 endpoint word count to be a winner. If I included journal writing and blogging I would probably be closer to the 10,000 mark in the last few days. I am writing what I remember (and my mum) of my younger daughter's life. She does not remember a lot of her childhood and I want to jog her memory. I will put photos in it later and print it out/ bind it and give it to her. She can keep it for herself only or let her children have a look also. I might leave some lined pages for her to put in things she remembers.

If my fingers are on the keyboard they can't be buttering crackers and putting toppings on, then heading towards my mouth then hips. I HAVE MORE WEIGHT I WANT TO LOSE YET. I want to get down to between 75-80 kgs at least. 65 kgs may be too ambitious but you never know.

I have also been crocheting more lap rugs for Hospice. They are done in mohair so are light and warm, soft to the touch and should not irritate fragile skin. I am doing a couple of ones in darker colours that guys may find easier to use.

Today I was at gym before 9 a.m. It was probably the best place to be other than tucked in your bed, which is not productive weight-loss wise, as the rain was coming down torrential and sideways at times. I was glad I had not decided to go for a long walk as I would have looked like a drowned rat.I did my walking at 5 km/hr on a treadmill; made 1.73 km distance at a 1.0 incline for 104 calories. I did some leg and arms weight work also. I could have stayed longer as when I got back Mum decided to stay in bed a little longer. The rain had made her joints very achy. Tonight not a cloud in the sky and it is getting very chilly outside. Occasionally you hear fireworks popping and sometimes, if they let off a fewm you can get to see them.

I am having an egg on gluten free bread for a number of my breakfasts. I want to have a protein drink more often at lunch as I don't feel hungry for a longer time. No nibbling, regular exercise = weight loss starting up again. I wish the pool on the property was heated and under cover. If it was I would be exercising in it year round. We just need a run of warm,fine days and it might get usable. Yesterday I spent the afternoon out in our patio garden re-potting plants, uplifting some bulbs, planting others and re-arranging where the pots were sitting. I also watered the plants earlier in the day and sprayed fish emulsion over all the plants to feed them and get rid of some bug pests. I also rescued and re-used a planter and freesia bulbs that some-one had dumped in the rubbish bin. I don't mind people seeing me retrieve items from the rubbish if they are palnts. I Australia I once retrieved 50 Amaryllis bulbs of all different shadings. we had a beautiful garden after that.

Tomorrow is KIP day so I may or may not get to the gym. If I do my Nanowrimo writing as soon as I finish this blog I may get to bed before 2 a.m. tonight. Take care of yourselves as I take care of me. You never know till you try whether you can do. Whether you believe you can or whether you believe you can't you are right. BELIEVE YOU CAN.