Monday, 1 December 2014

101 kgs so slowly going down again 1/12/14

I have news. I am a grandmother again for the 3rd time. Cooper Stephen Schweitzer was born at 8.02 pm last night NSW, Australia time at Tweed Hospital, Tweed Heads. He was 4.4 kgs (9.68 lb) and 59 cms long so a large baby. He faced posterior so labour was on and off since last Friday and in the end his heart started to slow so they did an emergency caesarian operation to get him out. He, of course, is gorgeous. My congratulations to my daughter and her family. She is a bit sore but it sounds like the drugs are still helping.

I was concerned about her over the weekend but distracted myself by completing Nanowrimo. In the last 24 hours I wrote over 11,000 words to complete the 50,000 word target to become a WINNER. I am a WINNER, yay. 3rd time to do it, first time to complete it. I still have more writing to do on the story then a lot of editing and insertion of photos etc but will take a few days break first to give my hands a rest.
Weight wise I can't do a lot of my exercises in the gym for a while as had my hand operated on for RSI last Thursday. Yes, it is letting me know as I used it too much yesterday. I kept forgetting and used it to type. I can do long walks and I have been doing daily walks so that is my exercise style for the next couple of weeks. Every bit helps. I may try garcinia herbal supplement as well and see if that makes any difference. I still crave sweets and Xmas is coming so I shall see if it does take away that craving and help with fat removal. Watch this space to see the result. Trying MyFitnessPal but Nanowrimo took up my time so must get back to using it. It helped me track food, exercise and breakdown of food properties.

Congratulations on high points in your life too.