Monday, 4 January 2016

2016 Intentions and Affirmations not Resolutions

I don't keep my resolutions like most people so I might try to use Intentions and Affirmations this year to help my life in every way possible.


  • Exercise every day but not necessarily the same exercise; so walking, swimming, weights are  my new friends that I like to see and do daily in some form that I love.
  • Eating right; the food I put into my mouth is fresh and full of the minerals, vitamins, carbs, proteins and fiber my body will utilize so my body remains fit and full of energy.
  • I practice walking freely and straight and sit well; I move freely and pain free through life as I love my body and do the best I can to keep it healthy.
  • I will finish writing my MG novel by the 6th February; the novel I am writing will be enjoyed especially by boys between 8 and 12, but their sisters will enjoy it too.
  • I will work to use my wool stash entirely by May 2016; many people in need of warm clothing will be the recipients of hand-knitted goods from me this year and like what they have.
  • I will keep going to the Adult Colouring sessions monthly; my mind is soothed and relaxed by colouring books so that my body de-stresses in an enjoyable way.
  • I will continue with my writing groups this year and encourage us all to have something published by 2017; our stories will be published in 2016 whether it is self publishing or mainstream as we have stories others are interested in reading. 
  • I will learn a new craft this year; Creativity is good for the soul.
Home and garden
  • I keep the house clean and tidy; everything is balanced, clean and full of love.
  • We grow more of our food at home to eat better; our garden is a space of beauty and the vegetables grown in it are healthy and life-giving to all
  • Tidiness becomes part of my day; nightly I tidy up so we start our day well
Weight-loss Intentions
  • To loss steadily and safely throughout the year till I reach 70 kgs (154 lbs or 11 stone)
  • To tighten my muscles up with exercise to lessen the effects of loose skin
  • To have weekly, monthly and yearly aims met each time
  • To understand why I may want to eat; comfort, de-stressing, thirst, emotions and address that rather than eat food I don't need.
Louise Hay affirmations are good ones to use especially those in her Little Blue  Book though I might have to find up my newer book as I think the other has disappeared into the Place of Lost Books. We have become more visual so putting supportive affirmations in you Pinterest Board and re-reading them regularly or printing them out and displaying them on your wall or fridge can be helpful. Vision boards help you define and display your desires to you and/or the world. Journaling helps in so many ways. This site is really an online journal of sorts. I used it regularly at the start of my journey but let life get in the way last year and ended up gaining 6 kilos. This year I am aiming to get back to at least a weekly post. It is a way to be accountable too. So I will try to show what exercise  I did, maybe talk about what I have been eating and any changes I make that are helpful, talk about positive changes in my life and how I deal with negative moments (other than eating).

I wish you a good year of joy, abundance where needed in your life, weight loss if that is your goal, a healthy energetic life doing the things you love and changing the things you don't. 2016 is Red Fire Monkey year in the chinese horoscopes

The top photo is my  writing group fo 2 Tuesdays a month throughout the year.
Christmas lilies and orchids that are flowering well this summer in our garden.

I am a Snake so this is my Horoscope to check out yours.
 You were born in the Year of Snake. The following is the Red Monkey year prediction for people born in year of Snake.
When Snake meets Monkey, Monkey will become a good assistant or escort to Snake.
Career: Monkey contains Metal and some Water. You will encounter little trouble in the career. You need to work a little bit harder. It will be worth after all, because you will get a satisfied return.
Job Change: If you have a promotion chance, then you can consider to take it. The sign shows both of your career and money luck are good.
Wealth: Your income and investment will have stable increasing. If you can find good financial adviser to manage your finance, then you might get much more return.
Love: The younger generations are easier to find their matches. If you are a female, then you need to push or encourage the boy to accept the relationship. If you are a male, then you have very good love relationship. A man will have more chances to meet the girls. If you are married or in love, your love relationship will maintain well.
Social Circle: If you can help people, then you should spend time on it. That will help you to expand social networks, and then the money making opportunity will come after.
Quarrel: If you have argument or dispute with someone, then you need to take care the business by yourself. You won't get a perfect result, if you only hire someone to handle the issue.
Health: Try not to over-exercise and then injure the body. Pay attention to arthritis, arms, legs and shoulders.
General Fortune: Monkey will bring a good fortune opportunity to you. Don't miss the opportunity in the year of Monkey.

Good luck in 2016