Sunday, 10 January 2016

2016 - the year for creativity and joy

I have decided to have two words to describe my coming year as both are and will become more important to me in the year that is unfolding. Creativity is a positive action that leads to positive changes: mentally, emotionally and physically. To try something new will help me grow in so many ways. It is difficult to eat if your hands are fully occupied elsewhere. It also becomes a thought out process when you decide to eat as you have to stop what you are doing creatively, get up and walk to where the food is. This means you can trick your brain and say "I'll get something in ten minutes." Most of the time after 10 minutes you will have forgotten that urge because you are involved in something you find enjoyable.

I like to write as evidenced by this blog ( forget last year's slacking) and I like to do handcrafts. I completed a jumper in aran stitches for myself last year and a castle for the library from my knitting group. Others did their bit too. Meeting with good friends has brightened my year especially when they usually live overseas and it was a serendipitous meeting that led to us having a good meal together with lots of talking done while eating.

Joy comes from friends and their caring. It comes when you reach a goal you were not sure you would complete. It comes from loving times with close and extended family. It comes from time with your grandchildren or children. Sometimes life just hits you with a gust of happiness unexpectedly. Being present in the moment is helping me have more moments of joy.

So this year I create:
  1. A Middle Grade book
  2. An erotca book (under another name)
  3. A picture book
  4. Knitted clothes for me and my family
  5. Knitted goods for people in need
  6. A slimmer, healthier, stronger me
  7. A lovely bedroom for me I love to be in
  8. A clean and healthy environment for my family 
  9. A garden of food, flowers and joy
  10. Exercise I do daily