Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Starting to go down again - 0.5kgs

It may be in small increments, and some days are better than others, but a downward trend is starting up again. The steps I put in place are helping. Documenting what I eat makes me think first as I really don't want to write down something I know should not be going in my mouth if I want to lose weight. I am not perfect and the food I eat is not always perfect but I have substantially decreased eating empty calories. Sugar is so addictive. It is also one of the easiest things to eat even with an LGS.

TV1 has a new program "The Big Ward" that follows people through the process of having WLS and what they want them to do before the operation goes ahead. This is being done in the Public Hospitals for free so they are very strict on the criteria you have to meet. I was lucky that my brother paid for my surgery privately but I still had to get down to around 120 kgs to make it safer and a bit easier to do the operation. I took appetite suppressants for a month to help me stopping full time grazing . This was followed by using Optifast for a month . I lost 10 kgs on each of these months.     to see how others work towards better health and a much better life.

One of the ladies was up front about the fact that she really had a sugar addiction and I know where she is coming from. Stress, probably accompanied by cortisol release, really wants your body to eat sugar and carbs. This goes straight onto many people's hips(entire body) instantly. It is so hard to fight though as it is the thing that is most prevalent in supermarkets, cafes, food halls etc. Everywhere you go there is a place to eat. I swear KFC pumps the scent out of their extractors directly from a scent pack. Saying that I have only eaten KFC once in the last five years. As we were watching TV last night around 10 pm the  ads for New World and Countdown came on one after the other. My 82 year old mother grumps, "I wish they weren't allowed to put food or chocolate ads on after 7 pm. It just makes me want to eat and I am trying not to have anything extra after tea as it goes straight on my body."

I have asked my daughter who brings non-gluten free, lovely smelling potato/herb/pumpkin bread (and other things I don't need to eat) to start to put it into containers I can't see through so it is not visible to me. For preference I really don't want it in the pantry at all but the house is small and the storage tight. We need to go back to not buying some foods that I know I eat and gain on. It would help Mum  and my daughter as they need to lose weight too.

A 90 minute walk can take 0.4 kgs off at the time and I think if I can do that walk most days it will help me keep going down. Through various small bits of work (doing ironing and giving a massage) I am $84 towards the startup fee for the local gym just a few metres down the road. I need the weights and cardio that I can get at a gym for sustained weight loss. It is a 24 hour gym so you can use it at anytime as you have a swipe card that gives you admittance. You pay just under $11.00 per week for the use of the gym which is direct debited from your account. I will have to cope with the cost, in money, for the pay off in health and weight loss. The cost would ensure I actually use it. I like to exercise before my mother gets up as I find I have more energy for the rest of the day if I do that. I would still be able to go any other time of the day if I couldn't get there earlier so it would be a win-win situation. A couple more weeks and I should have the money.

This mirror in The Warehouse (14th February) gave me a better idea of where I am in my weight. It is less than I have been and more than I was at this time last year. By this time next year I want to be able to say that I have lost all the weight I want to lose. I want to be 70 kgs but to get there I am going to have to go back to working hard at it again. You do lose weight with WLS but you can nibble your weight back up if you fail to keep your eye on the goal. I would love to lose a number of cup sizes on my breasts as I still fill a G Cup. I like the thought of wearing the lovely dresses that are in the shops at the moment but the excess boobs stop me from doing that. I know why small breasted women sometimes want larger ones but we ladies with XXXL boobs often want just a little less of nature's bounty. No more sore and rounded back, no more falling over if you start to trip (top heavy centre of gravity) and being able to wearing nicer clothing are all good reasons for less.


  • Walk daily even when it is raining
  • Monitor food/water intake during day and use MyFitnessPal to see how I am doing
  • Lose 0.5 - 1 kg before next week.
  • Work daily on book
  • Do exercises at home to videos on the Net
  • Set up a vision board for my weightloss and my book this week, photograph and post them next week
  • That more people read this post and maybe leave some comments so I know what interests them.

A few questions that I would like comments on: 

  • Do you want more on different exercises?
  • Do you want more on food eaten or recipes?
  • Do you want graphs showing changes occurring?
  • Do you want more on creative things to do to keep your hands/mouths away from food and do something positive?