Saturday, 27 February 2016

Exercise is doing it, as is monitoring my food intake

Don't you just hate it when all the weight experts were correct. It really does come down to eating less calories than your calorie output due to exercise and doing your daily activities. It does help to be of good mind also. To have some hope that you will continue to lose weight even if you have a bump in the road for a while. You just have to return to the behaviour that helped you lose weight in the first place. That upwards bump may mean your body will release your fat (to be disposed of again) as it no longer thinks you are starving. It won't clutch on so hard to those calories coming in.

The other annoying thing is the amount of exercise I need to do daily to have that consistent downward trend seems to equal 2 hours of brisk walking or some other aerobic exercise, It is a large chunk of my day and I have so many other things I either have to do (look after Mum and do the housework) or want to do; my writing, my crafts and my reading. I need another 20 hours in the day I think. Less time eating, nibbling and making food is giving me some time back. The positive thing of all the walking is that it puts me in a happier mood. If you don't believe me try it. Walk for at least 60-90 minutes regularly and note how you feel.

Our house is at the top of the hill and I walk a variety of routes through the subdivision below it. There is hills to go up and down, walkways that are used by both cyclists and walkers so you see others doing their daily exercise too. They have a park with a few exercise options so 1-2x a week I hit them too. The area has lots of nice houses, trees and views to see so every day is slightly different. There is also lovely dogs to say hello to as they enjoy taking their owners for a walk. Of course if you go to town you might see something else to drool over.

The bottom photo (my granddaughter Maia using exercise equipment at park) shows a couple of the exercise stations at a local park. You have to be gutsy to do it as others walk past but it is a way of doing something other than walking till I can afford to pay gym fees.

This I have on my desktop to remind me that I am worth the time I need to take to lose the weight and get healthier. I do it for me as I move more freely when I am lighter and with less, or no, pain from my joints. If I don't do it now it would mean more joint replacements in my future. When I was larger I fell over too easily because I was top heavy and my centre of gravity was out of whack. I broke my upper humerus badly due to a fall and had to have operations to fix it. I slipped on wet steps and ended up with a knee joint replacement because of the amount of damage the fall caused. I find with the 40kgs I have already lost that I am much more stable and I don't have massive damage (except to my ego) if I do fall over.Falling right over is unusual now. I might stumble then recover on rough ground now.

Things I did for me this week:
  • Attended my fortnightly writing group. We talked about how to start writing, keep on going on your project and possible goals for what you are writing.
  • Attended Adult Colouring In at the local library and met some lovely ladies. It sounds like later in the year I might have to demonstrate how to make bath bombs at the Fun Friday craft days they have there. I will have to practice doing so at home before then too ( a new goal)
  • Listened to a webinar by Jeff Goin on how to make an income from blogging -very interesting
  • Started back into doing a Needlepoint tapestry called "Starbirds" as only have the face to complete on it
  • Brought some new plants for the garden and am about to go and put them in. Still eating heirloom tomatoes off our plants daily and beans every couple of days.
  • Walked Daily for at least 90 minutes.
What did you do just for you this week? How is your journey proceeding?