Sunday, 13 March 2016

I am going down in weight -104.8kgs now

Its working. Eating better and less combined with walking 90+ minutes 6 days out of seven at least is starting to work again. I did have a little cheat as I felt really bloated and took a mild diuretic with a resulting 3.3 kgs weight loss. With drinking as I should be regained 1.5 kgs of that but have kept the rest off so I consider that proper weight loss as I have not regained it totally. You know it is only extra fluid when from one day to the next you can't take rings off. I find it happens around low pressure (rainy, stormy days) and the worse the weather the more fluid retained. A high pressure system comes along and squeezes all the fluid back into your lymphatic and blood systems and you get rid of it naturally.

I find as my body gets fitter from the regular walks that I can walk further in the same time. This means I see more of our local area. Sometimes I take a bag with me and pick up the trash as I walk along. I hate to see so many fast food wrappers, plastic bags, polystyrene bits, cardboard and even wood pieces lying on the ground. People as so grubby and lazy at times. One area near a rubbish bin at a bus stop can be so bad. Come on people, just a few more steps and it would be gone. End of rant.

I saw this banana tree down beside a gabion wall area on one of my walks. It was an unexpected sight but a good place for it to grow as it was in a sunny pocket and protected from any cold, southerly wind. Our local council and the Greater Auckland Council  are trying to get a lot of walkways set up and connected. There is also a number of areas in NZ trying to do a walkway that goes from the top of NZ to the bottom. Every year more is included. It is great for tourism but it is also great for people to increase their fitness and learn the beauty of our lovely home. Who wouldn't want to walk in areas away from cars; their noise and exhaust fumes? I can see and hear all sorts of birds. The other day it was three colourful rosellas warbling and flying around. The plantings allow other birds, insects and wildlife a place to grow leading to a good biodiversity in the area.

These walks are good for me in another way as they are up and down hill walks so they add that extra little bit. The walk to town only has the mildest rise and fall but some of these roads and paths have a serious gradient on them. My legs, and knees, let me know that they have been worked out thoroughly by the time I get home. I am sweaty. My hands fell full of fluid; my rings won't come off. I feel mentally good as I have walked long enough and well enough to get the endorphins that athletes talk about. Once I have showered and had my breakfast I find I do my housework quicker as I am already warmed up and aware mentally. It is a win-win for all parts of my day.

This week's intentions: 
  1. Lose 1 kg or more
  2. Walk on six days this week
  3. Eat less and healthier
  4. Sleep 8 hours a night
  5. Do my writing and other creative outlets daily
  6. Read each day
  7. Do some embroidery as my BFF has sent me 3 more to do.
  8. Autumn clean a space each day till our house and garden is done and ready for winter.
What walking are you doing each week? How is you eating better going? What have you changed in your life?