Tuesday, 29 March 2016

My eating is lessening and I didn't gain over Easter

One thing having WLS has done is to help me eat less chocolate at Easter. It needs to be spread out and if you keep up the walking (or whatever exercise you like) then IN=OUT with no weight gain occurring. This is a very good thing. Of course, you can't eat the large expensive eggs but really that is like some-one who smokes; you burn your hard earned money so you can get sick. It may be cancer with smoking but it is heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes, asthma etc with high weight. Doctors tend to not check you out for other problems, as they can't see past your size, so it does limit how long you live.

This was my Good Friday meal of fish, homemade chips and salad. I put a lot less on my plate and did not finish it. I also did not put it in the fridge and nibble at it later as I would have done before. I didn't even have pudding so I was feeling quite virtuous. We had a lamb roast on Easter Sunday with a similar response so limiting the amount I eat is helping my resize my stomach back to what it was post-op. It may not actually do any resizing but my mind thinks it has. I don't fall asleep after my evening meal and wake up choking on regurgitated food which has happened before because I was overeating.

I was a little slack with my walking with the wet weather but tried to do other things inside so I didn't eat from boredom. I did get 3 long walks in though so I was not a total sloth. If I am at my computer doing things with my writing, or online, I am not diving into the pantry every 5 minutes. I have to stand up and walk to the kitchen so it has to be a conscious choice. I have my drink of water  at hand and sip often on that to keep up my hydration. I do get up from the computer regularly as I still need to get food and drinks for my mother on a regular basis.

I need to finish saving for my gym card so I get back to bigger weight loss and continue tightening up  my muscles again. I am slimmer but I want to be slimmer still. Once you get a good result you really don't want to go backwards. My next Drs check will be in July/August so want to be back under 100 kgs, and much closer to 90 kgs, before then. I am becoming an Urban Forager on some of my walks. I found a tree of crabapples so every couple of days I wander along that way and pick up the majority of the ones that have fallen on the grass verge. My daughter is the one who actually makes the crabapple jelly and it is delicious with cold meats. I love the deep pink, crystal clear colour and the sweet but tart taste is heavenly. 

This week's Intentions:
  • Set Up Camp Nanowrimo so I finish my first book
  • Finish  first strip of knitted blanket and start a multi strip
  • Knit baby bootees for nephew's coming child.
  • Eat protein, then vegetables, then carbs
  • Eat more protein at lunch to keep me satisfied
  • Walk most days for 90+ minutes
  • Do more Autumn cleaning (tidied up linen cupboard today)
  • Put winter vegetables in garden this week.
What are you intentions this week for helping weight loss? Any tips? What are you doing only for your joy? For your family? For your home? For your garden? For a better world?

I regularly pick up trash on the verge during my walks as it really irritates me to see it there. The amount seems to be lessening so maybe others are becoming a bit more aware. I hope so as it is becoming a pet peeve of mine. We only have one world and we need to be looking after it. If everyone took responsibility for themselves and helped others see why we could make a major difference.