Monday, 7 March 2016

Up and down, yo-yoing weight loss

My weight is yo-yoing around like crazy. I should not weigh myself daily but I do. One day I am 107.1 kg, the next 105.9 kgs. The lowest weight came after I managed to drink 10 glasses of water. I presume my kidneys decided enough fluid was coming in to enable it to release some excess fluid. The downside was I was on the toilet 2 hourly all night as well. It did help me eat less as I was too busy drinking. I am continuing to try to meet the target of 8-10 glasses of water every day. It also meant that my mouth did not get dry as it sometimes does.

In the weight loss Facebook group I am a member of one of the ladies queried about drinking alcohol. The responses came back with a consistent post of "you get a drunk feeling with minimal alcohol but it goes away very quickly also". The other response was that it was "empty calories" so the consensus was to keep it for special occasions (birthdays, Christmas etc). I also found if I was having a meal out (1/2 normal size or less) and I tried to have a drink we would have to be there for a few hours before the drink was finished. I have had to leave it half drunk and at the price they charge in pubs I make a decision before I go as to whether I will have a drink or not.

I was thinking the other day why I can eat more and again on the board some-one mentioned a food pouch occurring.  I was already diagnosed with a hiatus hernia before my op and I think if I over eat then some of the food sits there. Often I feel sleepy after eating but if I doze off I wake up regurgitating the food I have just eaten. I need to limit the food again, go back to smaller servings. I am not eating puddings nightly as I had got back into the habit of. My daughter was serving them out without asking so I have asked her to check with me before she does so. It is up to me to say no then. I have managed it a number of times. I think I need to get it back to being the occasional treat.

I walked every day except Saturday last week. It was good for my body and my mental state. The least I walked was for 60 minutes, the most 180+ minutes (food shopping Thursday).  I did break that up into two separate times; one walk around our area, one walk to the library and back.It helps to improve your mood if you get that endorphin release in your brain. If you don't believe me then go for a walk when you are feeling down. Note how you felt beforehand and how you feel afterwards. Be mindful. Note the sounds you hear; birds, insects, traffic, planes, people talking, trees rustling. What smells were there? The scent of KFC, blooming roses, fresh mown grass, diesel (or other fuels) may be some of them. What do you feel under your feet? Is it sand (wet/dry/squeaky), is it hard uneven concrete, sticky hot tar, crunchy snow, sticky mud? You can write about it in your journal as well.

Today's photo of how the body looks. Hopefully by next week it will look a bit slimmer. My legs are starting to lose the layer of fat that came back on when I gained weight. The calves are becoming more defined again. I will keep losing weight even if it means I am doing some form of exercise for 2 hours every day. Today the phone alarm was set to 7 a.m. and I was out walking before 8 a.m. When I came back it was an hour plus of ironing and then the rest of the housework after Mum was up. I am on my 5th glass of water and it is not 2p.m. yet. Blog is getting done and I will organise a mindmap for my writing group after I finish this.

I have another reason to want to lose weight. My favourite shop (Merric) no longer exists in BTC but Peter Alexander Lingerie is the new shop in its place. Of course, the cost of the items would mean saving to buy anything from it. They had an hilarious hat that has a bunny face and ears on it. It suited my daughter even if she is an adult. Lovely fluffy bath robes beckon and some calfskin pattern, fleecy bed pants look good even if they are supposed to be for the guy in your life and your fantasy of a cowboy

Salads and Gluten free pasta with bolognese one of my meals this week. The plate is about a bread/butter size plate. The salad has herbs, lettuce, some fruit, heirloom tomatoes and avocado in it. Cucumber on the side, small amount of Edam cheese in mince.

This week's intentions:
  1. Walk 6 days this week for 90+ minutes
  2. Do some weight exercises each day at home
  3. Eat smaller and better with my food choices day by day
  4. Do mindmap for writing group
  5. Have a good day at my writing group tomorrow
  6. Write each day to continue towards finishing my first book
  7. Do some more knitting on blanket for charity.
What intentions are you putting out to the Universe this coming week so it can help you achieve them? How are you doing exercise wise? What is your creative outlet?