Friday, 8 April 2016

Back to the gym, weight loss ensues 0.6 Kgs down

A friend (and my brother) managed to get a gym membership, on a special, of $29 down and a weekly amount. I got mine for $10.95 a week because they went ahead of me so I won both ways. I have mainly done treadmill and horizontal cycling with a few arm exercises with weights. Tomorrow when I go in the morning I should get a free 30 minutes with a trainer. I will get them to run through the weight machines with me and give me number of reps, etc. I have put myself down for a nutritionist time next Monday as well (free this time). I have been twice so far as the other 2 days were busy ones with a long walking time involved as well.

I am already feeling more comfortable in my body. It may be a psychological effect but I don't care. A few muscles are letting me know that I am doing something different but it doesn't stop me moving freely so that is ok. I found last time I was doing this that after 90 minutes of exercise I would feel happier. When I got back home the housework was done quicker as well. Wednesday I swear I was up and moving at 8 am and it was after 3 pm before I sat down. Beds, dishes, a large load of ironing, the small amount of lawn mowing we have, some extra gardening (putting in seedlings we got last week). picking up everything from the floor (chairs etc) so my daughter did the vacuuming were all done after 90 minutes at the gym.

The nights are getting cooler here and early morning needs an extra layer if you are out exercising. They say if you sleep in a cooler environment you use a few more calories keeping warm. Me, I like to be warmer or achy muscles will wake me up. Since I have lost weight I don't wake up to turn over so my sleep is more restful and relaxing. I am also not being smothered by my boobs trying to cover my face. I find that I still snore less sleeping on my side. I do deam quite vividly and often remember that dream now. Do you ever think you are dreaming so vividly that you are not sure if you have rested much overnight?

Overhead lights are not great to photograph under but this is a baseline facial one that I hope will show a difference in my next post. This is one of my meals earlier in the week. I managed to leave some of the potato and corn on my plate. I did not have pudding that night. I have not got myself fully out of the habit of a 10 pm snack yet but maybe I can by having a small amount around 9pm. Tonight I did eat just a bit more than I should at teatime.What I find happens now is my body then insists on a short doze. I wake up regurgitating some food almost. Note to self: eat a smaller amount at meal time. The beauty of having a LGS is your body will let you know when you have had too much and you won't like the way it does that. Listen to your body and you won't have that problem. There is eye hunger when you want to eat all you see, then there is a small volume that you can fill and no more. 

It is more than a lap band so it takes longer to lose as much weight .I don't think that is a bad thing though. We get to our very large size because we love food and eat more than we use. Yes , I know there are people that have medical reasons and I have a few of those. I didn't eat take aways but I did eat like a labourer and not work like one. I enjoyed a few lollies and the occasional homemade biscuit or cake. My recent gain in weight was through not enough consistent exercise. I have a monetary reason to continue to use the gym because I have a limited income and I am spending $22.00 of it each fortnight to be able to use the gym whenever I want. It will be good over winter too as it is only a few minutes away from our place, walking. It is a place that you can use 24/7 as you have a card that only allows paid up members to enter at any time. If I keep losing like I have already this week I have another incentive. The third incentive is I will reshape my body and have less saggy skin and more muscles. Muscles give a higher metabolic rate than fat as well.

Creatively I am doing Camp Nanowrimo to help me complete a book I have had on the go for a while. I have added over 6000 words and will do more tomorrow. Knitting wise I was doing strips for a blanket. The wool I was using was thinner than the pattern says so I am making it into a scarf instead. The KIP group decided that for World Knitting Day we would knit scarves, beanies, gloves and other items for the Auckland City Mission that they can hand out to people in need this winter. Any made beforehand can go on the table at the start of the day as well.

This Week's Intentions:
  • Lose 1 kg or more
  • Go to the gym at least 5 times
  • Write 10,000 words + on MG novel
  • Alter eating habits after tea to lessen the amount
  • Do more Autumn cleaning and assess winter wardrobe needs
  • Tidy up the garden
What are you doing this week to improve your life?