Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I hate changes

Early this morning I got a call from our Telecom company for a change that is happening to our account. A positive one as it gives me 30Gb of data monthly instead of 2Gb. You think that would be a good thing but trying to get to my Facebook page (done it) and my Pinterest page (not yet accomplished, try again tomorrow) has been very frustrating.

I think the changes they have done have upset some settings so it is a matter of going through all my different social media and resetting. Not a job I particularly like doing often as it can be frustrating especially remembering current passwords. I have other things to do like walking outside in the sunshine. I had visitors earlier in the day so that ended up not happening. I should get up early and try the gym before I get my mother going for the day. Had her chair dancing to the music yesterday with music she liked (she has mobility problems).

Most of us have shrunk somewhat since this wedding last June 30th. My mother is sitting down with the bride , I have my hand resting on her shoulder, my brothers at each end and the groom standing beside my mother.

Already my face is thinning and I have lost 24 cms on my waistline. Clothes are loosening. I had to put thick socks on today so I would not walk out of my slip-on slippers. I had stepped out of them coming up the front steps after putting out recycling in our outdoors bin. I had to retreat a step and insert my foot again.

Not only will I have to buy new clothes later it looks like I'll have to get new shoes.