Friday, 21 June 2013

Lost 5.3kgs in one week

I brought a new digital scale yesterday and when I weighed myself this morning I was down to 130.5kgs (287 lbs) from 136.8 kgs (300.6 lbs) last week. That was done using the Optifast Intensive Phase diet. You have to have 3 sachets of the Optifast, 2 cups of low carb vegetables and 2 Litre of low carb drinks.

I have a water sipper bottle that I refill as emptied. It flushes things through well but also keeps your mouth and breath better. The Optifast diet is formed in such a way that it is low carb but fills all vitamin and protein needs. This sends your body into a state of ketosis as you are semi fasting. The total calorie intake is <800 calories.

The only days I have not had a walk in the last week were Sunday and Wednesday. I did an extra long walk on Thursday and may yet go for a second walk today as I have to post off some pre-op paper work.

I have an appointment at 12 midday on the 26th June to talk to the nutritionist. She will discuss my nutritional needs post-op and how I have to eat as well. You start on puree foods, then start soft foods and then back to ordinary foods. The amount you are able to eat is very small though so I will need some guidance about what foods, what size and how they should be cooked.

My family are noticing that I am trimming down a bit and giving me positive feedback. My brother, Geoff, is actually paying for the operation. It will take me 20 years to pay him back but as he says I should be alive for those 20 years because of the operation. I am already feeling better because in May I weighed 141.3kgs so losing 10+ kgs is making it easier for me to exercise. I also have a longer time before I have to remove my bra due to back pain. Size G is no fun to carry around in front.

These are 2 photos I took today and each week I shall put new ones up dressed in the same clothes to make it easier to judge how well it is going.