Friday, 21 June 2013

Saturday, third day of Optifast

I am on my third day of the Optifast diet. I don't feel physically hungry but my brain wants to nibble on something. I really enjoy the two cups of vegetables and teaspoon of oil that you are allowed. I did have to have a green kiwifruit though to stay regular. My initial waist measurement when I started on the Duromine was 138 cms. It came down to 128cm then 125cms and today it is 123cms. It is still a long way from the 82cms I should be. It is a good start as it is trending downwards.

I have been walking more though as part of this weight loss journey is to become more active and fitter. On Friday I took my friend, Nanar, over to Botany Downs shopping mall which is just across the road. As her CP makes it difficult for her to walk long distances I used my mother's wheelchair for her. We got birthday presents she wanted for a friend, dropped books at the library, scored her meal for that night (butter chicken and rice) . We eventually wandered to the New World supermarket for the weekly grocery shop as my mother still has to eat even if I am on a liquid diet. Nanar did become my 3rd BFF though as she got a cheese and garlic naan bread for her lunch. I was teasing her that she was my 3rd BFF even though I did not have a 2nd BFF. Made her laugh.

 She wasn't laughing quite so hard when shopping was hanging off the wheelchair and squashing her lap on the way back to my place. Luckily that wasn't too far away. When her friend came to give her a lift home it was a lady who had the operation 5 years ago. She told me that you still have to remain vigilant in what you eat as she had gained some weight by eating to the stage of pain in her stomach. When she fully realized what she was doing she dropped back in her consumption of food and has lost another 25 kgs. She is finally seeing her thighs slimming down. It is good to talk to some-one who is further along in their journey.

Today I was off to the library to attend a writing course I do every 3rd weekend. It was very informative. It was good to talk with and catch up on what was happening in the lives of others in the group. I hope after the operation that I will take some quiet time for myself and complete the YA novel I am writing at the moment. After that ended I paid some bills, caught up with my brother and his friend at a café (drank some more of my 2 litres of water daily), brought some lollies my mother wanted and headed home.

This means I have had a good walk each day over and above doing housework. I must keep that going and try to get myself to the gym here on a more frequent basis to tighten up my muscles. As I have been so busy I have not taken the photos I wanted to. I would like to see what others see when looking at me because if you look in the mirror you mind can twist the image to make you feel bigger or smaller.

 It is funny though as some people think you are taller and skinner than what you are when you are bigger. A person who I once worked with thought I was the same height and weight as him : six foot tall and 12 stone but I was 5ft 6in and  14 1/2 stone. It made me chuckle and say I wish I was.