Sunday, 30 June 2013

30th June 2013 Changes occurring

This week I am 128 Kgs (281.6 lb). I did not lose as much weight this week but I did not do as many walks either. It is a good indicator that the amount of exercise you do helps the amount of weight you lose. It was never as obvious before. The VLCD of Optifast shows it easier as the amount of calories is 800 all up and exercise will burn off weight.

I am noticing differences though. I am not so sore after a long walk. Even 6 weeks ago by the time we had done the circuit of Botany Downs mall I would be in agony. I would have to take Panadol to be able to move for the rest of the day. If I didn't I would have back spasms that would halt me in the middle of standing up, my hips and left knee would be painful and my back would be twisted slightly. The last two walks have been much less painful, if at all. I have been able to move around normally after getting home. Bonus.

I can notice that some of my clothes are getting baggy or longer as my body shrinks. Some clothes will very soon be in the Donate bag as they will be too loose. Yay. Op shops are always happy to get big size clothing as it is something they don't get much of. A lot of the poorer people who use op shops for their clothing are large as the diet is usually High Carb because that is the cheapest food to buy. I could kill(not really) the person who decided the food choice chart that has carbs being the biggest part of your diet.

A conspiracy theorist would say it was designed that way so that people would grow fatter and then you could use the media to reinforce that slim was good. The people would spend all their time worrying about weight, diets and exercise not about what their government was doing. The industrialists would snap up the farms, sow genetically modified foods (so they could patent seeds and make lots of money) that has little nutritional value and may actively harm us, and push processed foods full of wheat and sugar. Sorry about that segue into CT, My daughter would tease me about that.

This shows the difference in how my pants fit. My waist today was 113 cms, down from 118 cms. the legs are baggy and another 5-10 kgs will see them on the reject pile as they will slip off my hips onto the floor.

I will make a mark on the floor that I will photograph from so that it is easier to see any differences. This photo was taken closer to the mirror so it does not show the slightly smaller figure the same. My aim is to be able to toss this top into the Donate bag as being too big also.

 Aims for next week:
  • Walk or use our gym daily
  • Get the house very clean before op (more exercise)
  • keep up the Optifast diet
  • Try out my new blender that I used FlyBuy points to get (was $99 got it for free) to see if it will puree foods that I need for the initial post op diet

I hope next Sunday I will report a higher weight loss again. This week was also about the first week's weight loss possibly being enhanced by water weight loss going well. From now on it will be more about fat weight loss and that is harder to accomplish but I will do so. TWO WEEKS to go. This time in two weeks I shall probably be a bit panicky as the enormity of what I am about to do hits me. I probably need to get a photo out of what I used to look like as a 21 yr old and put it beside one of me now. My aim being to get much closer to the 21 yr old weight, 63- 68 kgs.

I think I should initially be aiming for each 10 kg loss though. I am under 140 and 130 kgs which I did before I started this list of aims.

First aim : 120kgs
Second aim: 110 kgs
Third aim: 100kgs
Fourth Aim: 90 kgs (Yay, back into double digits.)
Fifth aim: 80 kgs
Sixth aim: 70 kgs
Seventh aim: stabilize at 63-65 kgs. Any lower than this would be too much.

I will let you know as I reach each goal with great gusto.