Monday, 2 September 2013

116.8 kgs 2 September 2013

The weight was slow to go at the start of the week but I made sure that I started walking most days and today I was rewarded. I am now 116.8 kgs on my scales. I knew that it would be lower as on Saturday I brought a new skirt and it was a size 22 from Ballantynes. Their sizes are nearer to the older smaller 22. The only thing I could buy from them last year, and use, was a pair of togs. I always get a size smaller in togs as they stretch in the water.

For all those people who would say "Ew yuck. Some-one your size in a swimming pool and you don't even cover up?" I say "It is the best place to exercise when you are large.The water supports your body weight but you also have to push against it." This means less pain during and after the exercise and you can exercise for much longer. I am not worried about other people's sensibilities if they see a large person with rolls of fat in the pool. Wearing shorts and a t-shirt in a pool feels terrible and gets in your way.It is everyone's right to do what they enjoy doing. Those same people will be saying you are fat because you don't exercise. Nu-uh. I used to get hassled by people in cars (driving along not exercising themselves) when I would be going for a long strenuous walk or if I was cycling for the same reason. Hey, I am the one doing physical exercise not you. The same in most gyms.  The slim people would look down their noses at you because you didn't look pretty and might actually sweat (glow). Doing the amount of targeted exercise you had been given by a trained professional to help you tighten your muscles and become fitter is everyone's right. Double standards abound and you are "damned if you do and damned if you don't." What gives people the right to make that sort of comment. Usually when you look it is a slovenly b...... anyway. Enough of that rant.

I kept away from temptation this last week as I was knitting a blanket for my brother's birthday today. I finished it last night. At times I had to wear a wrist support as an old injury to a nerve in my hand flared up as well. It is done. I hope he likes it. I do. No more knitting of heavy things for a while though. A cousin has a new grandson so I will knit a 4 ply outfit for him. They live in Wellington so will need warmer outfits probably till Christmas anyway. My niece has invited us to her 30th birthday party on the 24th October and she has a Halloween fancy dress theme. I will have lost enough weight by then to fit into a 18-20 size outfit that I may have to make. It will be fun.

The other spare time I had was spent reading 2 Lara Adrian and 2 Kresley Cole books that are due back at the library. Other people are waiting for them so it meant a number of late nights reading when I could no longer knit. At least I got more drinking of water done. Our spring garden is starting to bloom with daffodils, freesias, anemones and snapdragons. A bumble bee was having a good nose around yesterday. Swallows were swooping around catching insects. Other birds were calling for mates and two ducks sat down on our lawn for a while till a SUV roared past a bit too close to them. I got my exercise hand watering the lot with some seaweed fertilizer that seems to really help the pot plants. It looks as though we might get feeds of strawberries this year instead of isolated tastes. Yay.

He chose blue as the colour he wanted and as they spent many years on lighthouses around NZ I thought the cable could be one that looked like waves rippling into shore. The multi-coloured wool looks like the multiple shades of blue and green that you see in the ocean, especially from above, looking down into the depths. It has kept me warm during the time I have been making it and I hope it keeps him warm for many years to come, and that his cats don't claw it too much.