Sunday, 28 July 2013

122 kgs on 28th July 2013

I lost 1 kg from Friday to Saturday but nothing from Saturday to Sunday. It was a cold, damp day yesterday and I did not go for a walk. Need to get into a daily walk habit. I might do it before Mum gets up then it is done for the day. Every day for a month it becomes a habit that your body lets you know about if you miss doing so.

Friday is our food shopping day. My brother took us over there in the car. Thursday had been a painful day for me for some reason. I may have overstretched somewhere the day before. I have been much more comfortable since then. While my brother and mother had a coffee I did the small food shop. I sat with them while they finished and then we wandered up to the next lane. I topped up the money on my phone and then visited the library. They went off to do some shopping further away where I was not even going to attempt to walk just yet.

I paid some overdue fines at the library (I forgot to take back some books that were due before my op) and got enough to keep me going for the next month. I also got some large print books for my Mum. I got a mixture of decorating, craft and fantasy novels for myself. As I finish enough I will attempt the walk from here to the library and return them. I had them all in a granny trolley to be able to carry them out to my brother's car.

I went down to the food-court to wait for them with a slight detour into a bookshop to get a BHG and a cross stitch magazine. A text came after five minutes to say mum was on the other side of the food-court so I joined her till my brother came in to let us know he was there. He brought us back home, helped my put the heavier bits on my bed (big wool duvet) and put the second load of washing on the line before going home. He has been a big help in these first few weeks. I don't think he knows how grateful I am. I am determined to get the best possible weight-loss with this operation so he can see it was not a waste of his money. 5kgs in 14 days is good.

Mum and my brother go away down the island for 10+days next Thursday. I won't have his help but with Mum not here there will be less to do. I can walk whenever I want. I have crafts to do, a YA novel to finish and time to spend on the computer. Pinterest has me hooked at the moment. I have 2 pages. One is mainly concerned with books and writers, the other is a more general likes and interests page. I also put the pics from each week on my Gastric Sleeve section.


The last photo was how I looked at a similar weight a couple of years ago. I look better with the tan but I am hoping that as time goes on this face will become a bit thinner There is less showing on the neck. My legs, arms and how I fit my bra are already changing. At the end of August I shall go through my clothes and do the first cull of clothes that are just too large to be worn with any sense of style. If I knew what size I might be I would buy in some of the sales on at the moment but I will wait for a while and see what happens. I am looking forward to being more fashionable.