Sunday, 7 July 2013

7th July 2013 The Agony

I weighed myself this morning and I was only 127.8 kgs. That is a weight-loss of 0.2 kgs this week. I was not happy with last week, as well, so on days that I was not going for a walk I actually got myself up early and went to the gym. This is something I have been saying to myself that I should be doing. We have a gym in our apartment area that has a variety of machines for our use. I will post some photos next time of what we have.

I used the tread mill, the cycle and did some weights for my arms and legs. I don't want to lose the weight and have flaps of skin that look terrible afterwards. I used a minimum of 200+ calories in the sessions (by the machine calculations) and I am on a 800 calorie diet. The days I didn't go to the gym had long walks over at Botany Downs mall. I spent 45-60 minutes at the gym and the shortest walk was and hour and a half (up to 3hours at the longest). I feel good in myself having done so and I think the body shots look a little tighter but I wanted that number lower on the scales.

Only one more week before my operation. I am getting a littler more tired now and occasionally grumpy. My mother ad I went to KIP (Knitting In Public) at the library on Tuesday. One of the Chinese ladies (a chef normally) had decided to bring in a meal of vegetarian and gluten free yellow noodles as a thank you for being made to feel so welcome in the group. They looked and smelled beautiful and my mother was trying to tempt me. Every mouthful she took she would moan in delight. In the end I snapped, "Shut up, Mum!" in a rather loud voice. Every one stopped what they were doing and looked at me. So I explained why but also said that I was only teasing so they all went back to talking. I did miss not being able to have them though but the bigger picture has to be the goal of losing weight before the operation as well as after.

I had a bad day on Friday too. I don't think I drank enough in a timely fashion (or maybe it was a short virus as I was hotter than usual) and by the time I got home I was not feeling very good. I had pain and until I drank over a litre of water I could not use the toilet. I put myself on my bed and drank lots of water, took some vitamin C chewable tablets as well to help settle any stinging and heat. I am not sure if the High Protein, Low Carb diet finally caught up with me or what. Since then I have made sure I drink more consistently and have had no problems.

On Friday I got non-slip slip-ons for use in the hospital as I found they work well on most flooring but I have to return them for a larger size as these ones are too narrow. I also got a small cosmetic purse (1/2 price) I can use to put in toiletries and make-up. It has tapestry looking flowers on a cream background. I found a new purse for my cards and cash in a lovely red colour and less than 1/2 price too. Good shopping day.

I have started working my way through the list of household cleaning jobs I want to do before my op.  I basically want a spring clean done so that afterwards it is just a matter of keeping up with general, normal jobs (beds, washing, food prep) till I feel more comfortable after the operation. Even though it is done laparoscopically, and not through a major cut in my abdomen, I still have to remember that there has been major work done inside. I need time to let that area heal fully and not put extra stress on it by doing too much bending, stretching etc. It will be regular walks till the doctor gives me the all clear. Treadmill walks on wet days if needed.

Jobs for the coming week:
  • Blog during the week
  • Finish my list of spring cleaning jobs
  • Keep exercising and sticking to diet
  • Drink water regularly
  • Dye my hair and get it cut so I feel good about myself
  • Take a Photo next Sunday for the blog
Take care of yourself and I will take care too.