Sunday, 22 September 2013

114.9 kgs 0n 22 September 2013

I am feeling better each day. This week I did more exercise including using a fairly local pool. I live in Botany Downs opposite the Botany Town Centre and there is a pool to the north (Lloyd Elsmore Pool), one to the south (Otara Pool).

Lloyd Elsmore pool is quite a large complex and each time we have been it has been chaotic. It was always very noisy and people kept getting in the way of you exercising. The laned pool was very difficult to enter. Otara Pool has had a total revamp since I last used it before going to Australia for 5 years. It has a number of pools and the largest has shallow steps, with hand rails each side, or a ramp to enter the pool with. The lanes are labelled Aqua walking, slow, medium and fast. They are wide enough for a number of people to use at the same time. Mum did 20 minutes walking. I did 1/2 hour and managed to do 4 laps of the 7 types of walking I do in the pool. That was enough for my first outing as my thighs started to let me know that they had been used well. The pool depth was mid chest deep to upper chest deep. A good depth to walk in. Boy, did gravity let me know how heavy I still am as I came out of the water. Mum and I have decided to try to get there twice  a week from now on as we felt so much better for it.

We looked around part of the shopping area. Mum got some fabric for a summer dress for herself and a sarong for a Xmas present for my brother. We had a light lunch at a local bakery. Tried at a second hand store for a small spade but they only stocked furniture. It was back to the bus stop and back to Botany after that. I was pushing Mum in the wheelchair so that was part of my exercise also. My wrists did not hurt this time which they have other times I have pushed her in the wheelchair. They must be under less strain now.

While we were in a bookshop in Botany I had to dash to the toilet. This is a response you can get with a lot of exercise. The shop assistant came and checked with Mum that she had not been abandoned. When Mum queried why she asked the response was that sometimes people accidentally do it then come dashing back in to see if their parent was there. Mum laughed but said that  she knew where I was and expected me back in a few minutes.

We had a lovely KIP (knitting in public) meeting this week. It was 3 years since it started and we also did a happy birthday for everyone that comes. It was nice to have a nibble of the goodies. 3 small pieces instead of grazing the whole time as I used to. It was lunch in my mind as well so it did not impact on my weight loss. I lost weight the next day because of the exercise we did. I have photos of the day. I like the ladies that go and it is always fun to see what they have recently finished. I had some leggings to give to the lady involved in Knitting for Kidz First our local children's hospital. She was very happy to get them. The area is a lower socio-economic area and often they send the children admitted to hospital home with a care packet of clothing and blankets. They have found if they do this there is less re-admission problems. The housing they live in is usually crowded and cold. They may not have the right clothing to keep warm in winter weather. I like to do actual clothing or buy it as I don't have a lot of extra money but I do have time to give. I have the collar and ties left to do on a jacket for a 6 month  old boy baby. The ladies that go to KIP are lovely and I enjoy the conversations that arise.

We went to the shops for a short while afterwards and so I could have more exercise. Mum and I both found well priced things we could use as Xmas presents. Only 93 days to go as a blackboard outside a gift shop keeps saying. I got Xmas cards, Xmas paper and Xmas tags on Friday. It is never too early to start organising. I hope I don't put them away tidily and forget where I put the as I often do. I then have to tear my room up over an afternoon to find them.

My belly has receded back from the edge of my boobs (or in front of them as it was at one time) and I am standing straighter. My wrist feels smaller and I can feel bones under my skin more easily. I saw a post on the Net that said: your family notices when you lose 5 kgs, you notice when you lose 10 kgs and everyone else starts to notice when you lose 20 kgs. The ladies at KIP started to compliment me on my weight loss this week. Yay.