Thursday, 12 September 2013

116.2 kgs 12 September 2013

Last week was wet and cold so I did not do as many walks. It reflected in my small weight-loss this week as you can see. I also did not get off my butt and walk over to the gym as I could have. Naughty me. It is only what I am willing to bestir myself to do that can make a big difference to my weight-loss journey and that is more visible to me since having the operation.

Before I could go up and down 2-3 kgs in a day and the only thing that seemed to make a great difference was the barometric pressure. I  could not directly relate it to the food I ate or the exercise I did. That divide has become more visible now. Saying that: I went up 0.3kgs today and the weather is wet and windy, barometric pressure lower due to a storm in the lower North Island.

 I went for a walk over to the library yesterday as I had 7 books to be returned and Mum only had one book left to read. Of course I also came back with 7 books. Did find 2 good books at a local bookstore (Paper Plus) at $5 that will be used as Xmas presents. I love getting good value, with low prices, for presents as I feel it is not the cost but the fact that you have thought about what the person is interested in and tried to buy, or even make, something they should love. 

I put my weekly photos on my Pinterest page in my gastric sleeve board. The board has other information about LGS and other's success photos. There are links from some to recipes and smoothies that can be used. I am getting used to the size of portions finally so am having less problems. I am still learning the foods I cannot eat when I am out with friends and often that seems to have a direct correlation to how much fat is in the food. Fat is something my stomach lets me know about very quickly with dumping symptoms. Mini muffins ok, bigger muffins my mother would have to share with me.

It shows that the portions we have become used to, and now expect, are much too large and are probably keeping the majority of people obese in Western society. I have talked to my mother about what we used to get when I was much younger and we both think that there has been an up-scaling in size of portions with food brought at cafes and restaurants.

I love this top as it has nice shaping and having tried it on today I know I will be able to use it through the spring and into summer. It was one of my smaller tops anyway but the shaping at the sides and back help it drape around my body better giving me a slimmer outline still. The mottled pattern also helps as does the black/grey/white colour. I am taking encouragement from the two pages I scanned and printed out of an Oprah magazine of other women who have managed large weight-loss amounts in their lives.
On my corkboard beside the computer I have 2 signs I composed and printed out for myself. At the time I did so I was not sure how I would manage to lose my excess weight but I put it out into the Universe in a positive way. It was my brother who was the answering Angel that gave me the way for it to happen. Synchronicity of others coming into my life within minutes of him mentioning it helped confirm that this was going to be the way to do it for me.
Another stat that may interest you is that when this journey started my waist was 135 cms (53 inches) around. today it is 109 cms (43 inches). I have lost 26 cms or 10 inches in just a few months. No wonder my clothes are getting large on me. I have come back to the 10 inch difference between bust/waist and waist/hips so I have shape again. My stomach had become only a few inches less the other measurements. I was becoming an apple shape instead of an hourglass shape and we all know from research done that apple shaped people have a higher incidence of heart and diabetes problems.
Now I have to work on the exercise to help my body re-sculpt its shape as much as possible. I don't want to have a tummy tuck to remove excess skin if I don't have to. I hate having to recuperate from abdominal operations as they take so long.