Sunday, 14 July 2013

14 July 2013 One Day Pre-op

Today I weighed 126.6kgs (178.52 lbs) and my waist measurement was 114 cms (45.6inches). They are still large numbers but have come down from the beginning of May when I was 141.2kgs and 138cms. The photos don't show too much change at the moment but other things are pointing out the differences.

I took my new bra over to the third line of hooks on Friday instead of the first line. There is a gap at the top by the strap that used to be filled. Some of my clothes are already feeling baggy and I can take a handful of fabric on most of the legs of my pants. Tight clothes are more comfortable. I am not waking up at night so often to turn over. My boobs aren't smothering me as I try to go to sleep as they were at the start of this adventure.

These photos are from  today the 14th July 2013. Not a drastic change but after 4 weeks on the Optifast the amount of weight loss is slowing down. Hopefully on the 14th August there will be a major change in silhouette. A month post-op should show quite a difference. It will be an adventure to see what I can eat and how much. No going back now but if I end up at a more normal and healthier weight for the rest of my life it will be job well done.
I have a woman in the flat above me who had a lap band done with a good result (down 70kgs to a holding weight now of 61kgs). She has been through finding what you can or cannot eat and how much. She is already very supportive of what I am doing and is a good cheering squad as I am to her.
My major chuckle this week was putting on a green singlet that I have had for a few years. Lately it has sat at my hip crease but when I put it on 2 days ago it was a short mini-skirt. It is 10cms (4 inches) below my hip crease at the moment and the scoop neck is very shortly going to be obscene as it is becoming too low. I have spent the week, when I have been at home, cleaning everything very well so I can take a break after the op. Today I helped Mum get her things together to go to my brother's while I am in hospital. She has just left.
I got my hair cut shorter, in a wispier style, and my brother has just put a dye through for me as I thought there was too much grey showing with the new hairstyle. In a short time I shall see how that turned out. I have been reading books that are due to go back to the library. I am either knitting Steve's blanket or crocheting a charity blanket at night while watching TV. My older health records have been found up and are in my bag. The clothes I need for the next few days are on my bed ready to go in a bag. Alarms are set for wake up time tomorrow (unlike Friday) so a library visit, some ironing, a meal, a sleep  and it will be all go.
I will admit to being a little bit freaked but I expected that so it isn't really getting to me. I come through operations well usually and this should be that same. I always have a boost of sugar (lollies or chocolate )the night before an operation so I don't have a low blood sugar going into an operation. I feel that is why so many people are sick after an operation due to low blood sugar levels (even if they are not diabetic like me). Other people have tried the same thing with good results as well. They have been very happy if they have usually had problems being sick after ops.