Monday, 22 July 2013

22nd July 2013 Weight diminishing daily

I was 124.6kgs yesterday morning and today I am 123.8kgs on my digital scales. I am getting better every day. Today I have less pain than yesterday and can move more freely. The pain is more discomfort than sharp. It does get a bit more if I try to do too much. I am able to potter around, make my bed, make meals, put things away, do crafts, etc.

I put on grey sweatpants yesterday that had been getting a bit snug and I now have 2 handfuls of fabric that are empty. My long jumper is becoming a mini-skirt. I am actually amazed at how quickly the weight is coming off. They said it would at the start but as it is something you have never seen happen before you don't really believe them.

Immediately post-op your throat and stomach are still tender so you eat less than what you will later and it just drops off. I am losing 0.6kgs at least each day at the moment. I am also exploring what foods I can tolerate at the moment. It all has to be pureed any way. Last night I made a thick soup that had onion, chicken, potatoes, kumara, broccoli and parsley in. It was delicious and my mother joined me in having that for her meal as well. I have plenty to put away for other meals.

I feel more energetic today so must get going. I urge others to research this way to permanently lose that excess weight especially if you have other health problems. My back is already much less painful and other joints aren't as creaky in the morning as they used to be. I will start doing longer walks today and so increase my activity. 6 weeks post-op though before adding weight training to help body definition.